Today is 1/5/15.  A new year and start… to many things.  Writing is not new to me but a blog is.

I think of the song, Hello World by Lady Antebellum (I love music) and the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You’ll GDrSo! 

(I like Dr. Seuss thinking.)

This is kind of exciting yet I can’t say blogging was ever on my to-do list.

I now remember a psychic mentioned this to me a few years ago and I immediately dismissed it.

More recently a close spiritual friend said, Start a blog – DO IT!  And my amazing fiancé has been persistently encouraging me as well.

I just have to start somewhere.  So I’ll keep this short and sweet for now.  Baby Steps.  I mean, I have to figure out all these new buttons and features.  I used to be a well disguised computer nerd but now I just try to keep up.  I think of my cell phone – old, no internet package and I like it that way and, even though I held back on getting a Facebook account years ago, I now love it – a lifeline of positive energy.  I allow it to serve me this way.

So… let’s see where this journey takes us!  Thank you for reading.


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