Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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As a child, I watched, The Wizard of Oz once a year when it came on TV and it was a big deal.  I hadn’t seen it in years… maybe decades.  Now, I was seeing it through a different lens.  I found this a lesson in itself.  Our signs are there but are we seeing them?  Do we ever take a moment to pause and discern.  Question… learn… evolve?

I was now realizing that I was Dorothy and Toto was my soul.  Dog spelled backwards is God and Toto was a small dog.  Yes, I used to think that my soul was just a small part of me.  It will bark at you.  The Wicked Witch symbolized my ego.  And just when you think she’s dead, you find out, the Witch of the East has a twin sister of the West and she’s just as scary.  The good news is, the Fairy Godmother is the Universe and she does know the moments to pop in and assist you… to remind you.

I was on the yellow brick road – a spiritual journey… to Oz.  Along this journey you meet friends or this could also symbolize aspects of your own soul.  A Scarecrow that doesn’t have a brain, a Tin man who doesn’t have a heart and a Lion who has no courage.  They must come together, arm-in-arm, teamwork.  On this journey, I’ve had to learn how to use my brain differently.  I’ve had to find my heart and allow it to speak to me (not just have it pump blood through my body).  I’ve also had to face my fears and find my inner courage.  I’ve discovered on the other side of any fear, is a wonderful surprise – a healing, a strength, wisdom.  It’s been worth facing each fear.

The Wicked Witch, though, is relentless.  She tries to get you to sleep (in the poppy fields). Yet, the Universe sends snow to wake you up.  Now is not the time to give up.  You’ve come too far.

I was realizing about this time in the movie that as a child I feel asleep to then wake up towards the end.  To the happy ending – the reunion.  So no wonder!  I assumed Dorothy made it to Oz and the wizzard was able to get her back home.  So now I was chuckling at myself because in my own journey, I spent much time looking for Oz.  I’d assumed Oz was the answer.  Now I know that it’s just a stop along the way.  The reminder of what I did need to do was ironically written in the sky by the Wicked Witch – SURRENDER DORTHEY. But as a child, I was asleep.  And as an adult, I have struggled with surrendering on this journey.  Letting go and trusting in a divine plan that is far greater than I.

So I continued to struggle and the witch pulls out all the stops.  She (your witch/ego) sends flying monkeys after you.  Yes, I’ve had these moments.  Placed in a situation I wasn’t sure I’d be able to escape from.  The walls of the castle seemed high and it was dark and I didn’t know my way around.  What was I doing here and what was going to happen next?  Feeling like a victim.  But your soul (Toto) will find ways to get your team together and rescue you.  I found symbolism in the Tin man breaking the door open with his axe for Dorothy to escape.  Yes, your heart just wishes to be free.  Allow it to save you.

Dorothy confronts the witch and then learns it’s not so hard to melt her and escape the darkness.  Dorothy then cleans herself up and pushes on to meet Oz to discover… the great Oz can give some advice, but can’t take her… home.  So close yet do not despair.  Your Fairy Godmother is with you.  I found the Fairy Godmother’s words so true.  You had the power all the time, you just wouldn’t have believed it.  Only you can do what is best for you.  Be rooted in those beautiful and unique slippers of yours.  Think of those sparkling red slippers and how they are wrapping the souls of your feet.  Yes, I meant to type, souls.

Dorothy had to follow the yellow brick road (to take the journey) to then return home and realize she was where she was supposed to be.  Surrounded by her teachers (her soul family).  To appreciate what she had.  There’s no place like home.  All is well.  It’s right there in your backyard.  For many who would read this, you will know this to be true.  You will feel this and smile.

Yet, if this statement doesn’t settle well with you, then what can you learn from this simple movie?  You don’t need a psychic (professor) … or Oz.  You don’t need a tornado, although in this moment it may feel like your life has been turned upside down.  Find your inner knowing. Your Emerald City is within you.  Listen to it!  Find your inner passion – what makes your heart beat.  Find your unwavering courage.  It’s in you.  Slip into those ruby red slippers and take a step.  Allow it to place you where is best.  Follow the path.  Embrace life scene by scene.  From lollipop moments, to tree’s that throw apples at you, to being surrounded by guards that you thought were your enemy but become your allies.  Pause and accept the joys and challenges.  Ask for help.  Be willing to receive.  Find your friends and embrace them arm-in-arm.  Keep your dog close.  This would be your inner god…goddess, your inner goodness.  It wants to be with you.  And the Universe is protecting you.  You will go far, step by step.  There will be a happy ending.  This I know.

I finished writing this and went for a beach walk.  I stood along the shore and clicked my flip-flop heals three times and then took a step back.  I was indeed surprised.  All I saw was an outline of angel wings.  Amen!

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14 comments on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Well, I re-read my comment, and I must say, it all stands true again at this very moment! I will add however….All I saw were Angel Wings too!! 😇💚

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  2. I’m in complete and utter awe, with tears that weld up in my eyes. This SPOKE to me in such a PROFOUND way Molly, and I will share it with many!!
    Last night I streamed Wizard of Oz, as I had seen “Follow the yellow brick road”, but wasn’t ready to read yet……bottom line, I will never look at that wonderful movie of my childhood the same, and I will read this often!!!
    You are amazing, and I ❤️ You dearly!!
    P.S. This truly was a perfect/powerful message!

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