My 2020 Spiritual Vision

We name everything!  Our brains demand it.  So as a new blogger, what did I wish to name my blog?  I could have spent weeks thinking about it.  Instead, I choice action and was done in about 20 minutes.  At first, it seemed all the names I wanted were taken but I knew I could find my own unique address in the sky.  Really the name isn’t that important but the energy that I will place here is.

I was born with a lazy eye… a stigmatism.  I’ve worn glasses since I was in pre-school and for a year, I wore a patch over my stronger eye in attempt to strengthen my weaker one.  Now, I just look back at the symbolism.  I’ve learned that any weakness can be a wonderful strength.  It’s what makes us special (in the best kind of way) and a part of the duality and mosaic of live.

I’m a writer because I love it but I often pause to chuckle because a word, and then particularly when added with others, can be confusing at times.  A word or saying can mean different things to different people.  I mean, just look at my choice.  Do I mean 20/20 or the year 2020?  Do I mean, vision, like a mission statement or a vision from the Divine or am I just writing about my everyday eyesight?  I’m sure I mean all of it.  I love playing with words.

So I start this blog with a few intentions.

  1. Clarity!  I’ve found clarity from privately writing these past few years and now I don’t think all that I’ve learned is for me alone.  If my words would help another – awesome!  I often just needed a reminder myself.  And I’ve learned we really are more similar, than different, so let’s all work together.  It’s about moving forward – evolving.
  2. Now, on a daily basis, I look at life and my reality differently.  I’ve learned to see the unseen.  It’s about Perception. There are many sides to a story – like a diamond.  I’m often told of a side I surely didn’t see or understand – a higher thought and plan.  It has made me more patient, compassionate and grateful.
  3. And finally, I know that all there is… is this moment.  I do try to be present in my everyday reality and life. Yet… lol… I do think ahead. I think of our future. I’ve channeled many messages.  At times, themes develop.  Some I let go and some I grab on to, wanting to know more.  I do wish to pave the road for our future generation of lightworkers, healers and spiritual beings.  My awakening was rocky enough and often I felt misunderstood and alone.  Not anymore though and I know it doesn’t have to be that way.  It can be… easy!

So stay tuned and let’s see how this unfolds.  It’s going to be great!

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