Embracing Bliss – A High Like No Other

I love it when the Universe whispers in my ear.  And I do love it when it sneaks up on me, reminding me that it’s always with me.  Some time ago the Universe asked me, Want to get high?  It came out of nowhere and yes, it caught me off guard.  For a moment, I wondered if I was 17 again and feeling peer pressure to try a recreational drug.  So… I was hesitant in answering the Universe.  I wasn’t so sure about this.

I’d learn that there is an energy out there that is better than any alcohol or drug high.  It is pure and vast and deep.  It will make you so happy, you might just be obnoxious.  At times, it’s like an espresso buzz and other times it’s just so loving and comforting.  Time and deadlines don’t matter and any action you do seems more genuine… and fun. It can last for a minute or hours.  Even better, there is no hangover or side effects and… it’s free!  Often it slips in when I’m alone.  If I’m around others, I do wish to share it.  It can be contagious.

I write on this today because I know I’m not the only one who has felt this energy.  I’m not sure what to call it.  It’s…. amazing! It’s also a reminder to lighten up, that you are not alone, to live from your heart… to be generous and smile and dance. The first time I felt it though, it scared me.  It also was a wakeup call to how serious and grumpy I’d become.  Thank you Universe for reminding me who I really am.

I do believe those who struggle with addictions are looking for this energy… this connection.  This natural gift that is out there.  I do know that if more people felt this… our world would be a very different place.  I think this is what some have found in yoga but I’ve attended several yoga classes and never felt this state of bliss… euphoria.  Probably because I was in my mind too much trying to learn a new pose (verses just letting go and remembering).

At times, I wonder if this is just me in another life/dimension having a great time and I can feel it – since it’s all happening now, in this moment.  Maybe the veil is just very thin.  Other times, I believe the Universe sends it to me as a gift and the timing seems perfect.  And now, as I write on this, I feel it.  Ah, a writer’s high.  Doing anything that you love brings you right to the edge of it.  It feels powerful yet I used to struggle with that word.  In my life, power had become power struggles and I had many example of how power was used in a non-loving way.  I had to let that go and embrace a power that can move mountains.

What if the Universe sends the opportunity to feel this good more often than you think, yet you deny it?  You block it.  Hmm… why would you do that?  I find this divine spiritual energy also in music.  Crank up that radio and let it flow through you.  Find a song like, Happy by Pharrell and listen to it.  Sing it… dance it… clap it… breathe it.  Turn up the volume and try again.  Let go and feel it.

When the energy comes, I am grateful.  I embrace it.  I enjoy it.  Thank you Universe!


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