Being… spiritually grounded

Several years ago, I heard the word, “grounded.”  I immediately wanted to laugh since I associated this word with my teenage years and the occurrences of me being grounded – which did limit my freedom.  So when another asked me if I grounded myself daily, I hesitated.  What did this mean?  And how do you do this?

While I’d lived a lifestyle that was open to the metaphysical, I was having an awakening and dramatic increase in my psychic senses.  My inner circuits and current were changing and, I was a live wire.  I was blowing out light bulbs, power outlets, modems, car batteries and had a few interesting occurrences in public as well.  Let’s just say, during this time in my life, it might not have been safe to go out to lunch with me but it was fun and eventful.

I had to learn to ground myself to the earth.  Yes, you can be literal.  You can take off your socks and shoes and walk in the grass or rub some dirt between your toes.  You can walk across a cool stream and really feel the water, pebbles and rocks.  It might be good for you.  Mother Nature is awesome and has much to teach us.  I’m also grateful that I can walk, skip, jump and run with no limitations.  Please don’t take this for granted and please do act like a kid.  Playing and being child-like will ground you.  If you need to be more sophisticated, a simple walk in the park or quietly meditating for a few minutes can also help.  You can visualize your feet and the roots that span out that keep you anchored.  I do like tree symbolism.


I do wish to be grounded to the earth I walk on each day.  I also wish to be grounded in my body.  I try to bless and clear out my chakras once a week.  These seven energy centers hold much information if you listen to them.  I think it’s a good idea to send them love and light and let them spin… air out.  I also ask to be grounded to the energy that is heart level and above.  This would include my higher knowing/power, angels, and to the Dive/Universe.  I found that using this trinity (below, in me and above) works best for me.  It only takes a minute to do but at times, easy to forget.

When I think of being grounded, I think of being connected to my true power.  I also think of being balanced… whole… complete.  When I’m grounded, I’m very present in all that I do.

Take time to a look at your life.  Are you in alignment with you (your soul) and your life?  Do you have time for peace?  Do you have harmony?  Are there some things you can let go of?  Hmm… maybe you do need a time out.  In a way, grounding yourself is like a time-out.  I’m a mom and used the, a minute per age time-out rule.  Now I wonder if this should also apply to adults.  When things get too crazy, it’s okay to seek a time-out.  Find your center… your balance… you.

When you’re grounded, you can withstand the storms of life.  You know who you are and act accordingly.  So ground yourself before you enter any difficult situation.  And ground yourself to give thanks.  Grounding yourself will help you find freedom to be… you, the best version of you and everyone will benefit from this.

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