Clarity… looking for answers


Webster define clarity as: the quality of being easily understood, seen or heard. I LOVE clarity.  In my journey of life though, I’ve had many moments of… anything but, lol.

The answer might be closer or simpler than you think.  Too often though, when one is working on a life lesson, the obvious is anything but obvious.  It’s hard to take action when you mind doesn’t feel right about the next step.  This will either then leave you in a space of no action or… your mind (because it is awesome) will get busy and make any situation oh too complicated.

Have you ever stood or driven through a fog?  Until I moved to the Outer Banks, I can’t say I had.  I will say that before driving in fog would have scared me.  I mean, at times you can’t see what is ahead of you.  Is a car pulling onto the road… a stop light ahead?  You need to slow down and really pay attention.  Ah, how symbolic.

I, though, made peace with fog one day as I was walking along the shore line and a front came in.  It surrounded me and for some reason instead of running to my car, I stayed.  I embraced it.  And I found it magical.  It was like walking in the clouds.  It was enchanting.  What a special moment.  I was in a world of my own and very grateful for this experience and new perspective.

I chuckled to myself since many things used to scare me.  I used to not like wind since I saw the destruction it could case.  Now, I see dancing tree’s and a reminder to, let go and to be that free.  Let the wind express and create how it needs to.  I am not in control of everything.

So think of your issue.  It’s okay if you are in a fog.  It won’t last forever.  The sun will shine again.  You will be able to see clearly soon.  Embrace it.  Be a friend to yourself.  A patient friend.  In my journey, the old me looked externally for answers.  To a friend, a lover, a book… or even google.  The answer is closer than you think.  It’s in you.  You just have to quiet your mind and calm your body.  Let go of should have’s and must do’s.  Listen to your heart.  Let it speak to you in a new way. Trust it.

Spend some time with, yourself.  Go for a slow walk.  Really feel yourself in your own body.  Take a long bath.  Find an old favorite song and dance.  For me, writing down my issue or question gave me a starting point.  Keep a notebook.  You might have to walk away and allow the answer to come back to you later.  Don’t place any demands on yourself.  Be open… more open than you’ve been.  Be proud that you are willing to embrace the confusion and grow and change and evolve.  You chose to do this work here for a reason.  Your are searching for clarity… for your truth.  You will find it.  No one else can tell you what is best for you but please do reach out if you feel you need support.  You are never alone.

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