DSCF8655_2Stop… just for a moment.  Slow down… rushing a bit are we?  Why?  Really, why?

Read these words… slowly.  Hear them.

Are you present?  Pause.  Have you let go?  Pause.  Let go… you are not in control.

Everything will get done in the right way and… in the right time.  Please work with us (not against us).  Please work with the Divine energy that is in you and all around you.  Stay with this moment, this thought a bit longer.  Feel yourself, your true self.  Fell us… we are one.

There are no deadlines.  There is no rush.  Are you breathing?  Just breathe this moment.  Feel it.  See it.  Be it.  Allow this moment… of peace.  Let what you need come to you.  Let us work through you.  Have you forgotten your true power?  Stay grounded in this power.

Your mind is pushing you to go faster… to get it all done… and now, right now.  You feel excitement, you feel passion .  That is a good thing.  Or maybe it’s obligation or pressure.  Let that go, release.  It’s okay – scream or cry if you need to.  Accept your humanness.

Regardless, pause… just for a second.  Make sure whatever you are doing is… the best you have to offer.  It is your mark… impression for the day.

Breathe… and again.  Almost there.

You do have a gift to offer… a gem… to anyone who is willing to receive.  Yet, be present with the moment… go deeper into the moment… offer the best gem you can.  It will be worth it.  Take time to polish your gem and then let it shine for all to see.  It will shine at the right moment.

So breathe and try again.  It will be easier now.  Now that your are grounded, you will see.  You just needed a reminder that everything is working out for you.  Enjoy this moment… this reminder and… this breath.

Ah, now that feels better.  This is the soul I remember, in the body… in the heart, and all working together.  Thank you for taking time to read this… to remember this and… to know this.  Now, continue on.

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