A Spiritual Fortune Cookie

FortuneCookieI’ve always loved fortune cookies.  And too often the message was, spot on.  I actually started to write this article 10 months ago when I was used to writing manuscripts.  I wanted to say in a page how spirituality can change your life.   Writing a short piece was a real challenge for me then.  For me, writing is a form of expression and often takes a while to set up… warm up, fully examine the topic and come to the best closure.  I also seem to go off on tangents, this being similar to my own spiritual journey.  I will share what living a spiritual lifestyle has done for me.  My journey has many stories and thoughts but I will try to keep this short and sweet.

So how would I summarize my experience?  What words of wisdom would have help me (past) or would I want to know now if I cracked open a spiritual fortune cookie?  Here’s my food for thought:

  1. Spirituality will humble you.  (I used to think I was already humble.)  This is not a bad thing, this is a great opportunity.  We all need these moment to see… to gain a new perspective… to stop complaining… to be grateful.
  2. Spirit likes to raise you up to your highest energy and thought.  This is not your mind’s thought.  It is not your ego’s thought.  It is a divine intervention.  Try to think higher than (your mind’s) highest thought.
  3. Spirituality will answer the why questions you have by showing a bigger picture.  It will lead you to your truth.  Be open to this.  And look for your signs – Spirit has a sense of humor.
  4. Spirituality will heal you.  Again and again.  Old wounds will resurface, sometimes out of nowhere.  Let them.  Then, let them go.  You are making room in your body for more love and light.
  5. Spirituality will help you pause and see the beauty in the moment.  You will be grateful for everything.  Enjoy this moment of gratitude and choose to have more of them.
  6. Spirituality will show you all there is… is love and light and joy, laughter.  You will examine your fears and in time they will fade.
  7. Spirituality will quiet your mind and bring you peace.  You will feel complete.  You will glow.  You will walk and interact different.  Others will wonder what your secret is.  The secret is knowing who you are… what you want… that there is a divine plan and you are a piece of it.  You are at peace with everything.

So look for your cookie… or love notes from the Universe.  Crack it open.  What does spirit wish to tell you today?  Even better, leave someone a love note.  Remind them of their inner goodness.  Make it a great day!

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