You get what you believe, so…

While I like the article I wrote, all you might need to read is…  this picture.


Yet if you need a little more encouragement, please read on.  Years ago, I just said things.  I never really listened to my own words… and how negative (and dumb, lol) they were at times.  Often they reflected my fears or anger.  At times, they reflected how I was raised (my family’s or area of origin’s believes).  It happens.  Like being on auto-pilot, it’s easy to continue on this way.  It does take effort to pause.  And it takes honestly to really question your own thoughts.

I do struggle to… think before I speak.  Most of the time the words seem to automatically come out of my mouth.  Whatever that filter is that others have that reminds them to pause before they speak, like a spell check, I don’t seem to have.  I think it’s because I speak from my heart, but at times it’s too raw and honest for others or… they don’t understand where I’m coming from.

Thoughts do become things.  Thoughts become matter (form).  If you think that you will be late for work, you will.  If you think someone will be dishonest to you, they will.  This only satisfies your ego.  Your ego loves to prove you right.  So I recommend that you think your highest thought.  How can you think, hopeful… or giving someone the benefit of the doubt?

When these thoughts are expressed, it does affect others around you, whether that be your immediate family or a community.  Whether it be negative or positive.  You can see this world as a scary place to be or… beautiful, kind, perfect.  Do you realize how much power you have?  Why not use it to make the world a better place.

Whatever you think or speak holds a vibration.  You attract what is in you – like attracts like.  If you are worried about getting sick… don’t be surprised if you get sick.  Illness will be your teacher, to release the negative vibration.  Yes, it might seem like things sneak up on us, but often if you are honest enough with yourself, you’ll see how you attracted the situation to you… to teach you and… to succeed.  To learn the lesson.

So here is a simple exercise.  Ponder your thoughts.  Are they really yours?  Do they truly reflect, you?  Listen to what you say.  Are your comments positive?  Could they be spun into a more positive way?  Baby steps are okay.

First, see what you think and speak on the most.  Is it money… your career… your family… your health… your ____________.  How do you feel about it?  What is your fear?  Better yet, what is your dream?  What do you intend?

Here are a few examples:

I can’t afford that!  Verses.  If I need it, a way will be provided.

Otherwise, let go.  Rejection or not getting what you want is often protection.  Something better is coming to you or maybe you don’t even need it.

I’m so sick of my job.  Vs.  I know that there is an employer out there who needs me and will see my value.

I’m worried about you. Vs.  I’m sending you loving thoughts and energy.  Let me know if I can help.

And it can be as simple as, It’s cold and raining outside (in a frumpy tone) verses Mother nature is releasing and it’s a great time to stay inside and snuggle (enjoying the opportunity).

Yes, it will take some practice.  It might also lead you on a wonderful journey of releasing negativity, fear and confusion.  Just because it always happened a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean it will happen that way now.  Things change all the time.  People also change.  Choose to start fresh.  Choose to think the best of a person or situation.  Intend to have a good day… a good life.  Believe something wonderful will happen today.  Change your thoughts… change your life!

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