Here’s your sign!

signI do love signs.  Growing up, I trained myself to look for them.  Long before Garmin’s, on a long road trip, they would let me know how many miles I had to go and which exit to take.  As I enter a building, a sign will let me know where to go.  Yet, as I grew into an adult, no one taught me how to look for the less obvious signs.  Actually, now I think they are the more important signs.  The Universe does provide them all around us but often we just don’t see them.

It does take some effort to retrain your brain to see your signs.  It might take slowing down a bit to better see and appreciate them.  For starters, a simple one is, a sunrise.  Have you ever thought or felt as if it was sent just for you?  A good morning like you have never heard before?  Full of warmth, promise and love.  An invitation to wake up and co-create with the world.

Do you ever stop and smell the roses?  Do you appreciate the wild flowers?  Yes, they are for you.  Start appreciating these signs and then you will notice more and more.  I think this is one of the reasons I so love nature.  In the simplicity, there is so much to learn.

I’ve often found signs on receipts, on license plates and in other’s words that are passing by me – the words were not directed to me but… yes they were.  Also look for patterns – since we are often stubborn.  Are certain numbers repeating again and again?  Numerous online sites discuss numerology in detail if you are interested.

Look for the unusual.  We get use to looking for the “normal” since we think it will make our life easer but this is not always the case.  The Divine at times stands out and we still miss it!

If you know a sign is for you, yet you don’t understand it, it’s okay.  Acknowledge it and give it some time.  Or ask for another.  One will come.  And often when we do acknowledge our sign, we feel certain we understand what it means.  Trust me, it’s not always what you think and often our mind makes it too complicated.  Often signs are just an invitation to look at a situation differently… broader… higher.  Maybe the obvious sign has nothing to do with the item but can be applied to another area of your life.  For example, if your door handle seems to break/not work… what do you need to get a handle on?  If you ignore this sign, don’t be surprised if something else with a handle breaks.  Look for the lesson in the symbolism.

Sometimes our sign comes to us in the form of a stubborn person.  We react to the person, but what if you could look at that person as your teacher.  What are they trying to teach you today?  Really, they are just an actor on your stage.  They choose this role and are playing it to the, T… all to help you.  How nice of them.  Bless those who annoy you.

Also, the Universe has a sense of humor.  Be sure to look for it.  They do love to make you laugh.  We often take this life too serious and they care to remind us to, lighten up.  I often think of Jeff Foxworthy and his humor – Here’s your sign.

So make a game of it – include your family and friends.  Ask each to look for their signs today and then discuss them when you see them next.  I’d bet a good laugh will be had.  Also, be patient with yourself.  You are developing a new skill.  Find joy in your everyday journey!

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