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1/16/15  I started this website as a blogger of self-help – metaphysical writing but just after 10 days, I was adding this page.  Once a month I’d like to add channeled messages.  For this first one, it will be more my writing/explanation till we get this all set up.  Channeling is not new to me but I will say that I learn as I go.  What an amazing ride this has been.  The energy I often refer to as the Divine, Universe, It, Them and yes, on occasion I do get a name.

So I asked for a name.  Human’s need a name.  The next day I heard… (yes, because I’m not psychic all the time, often quite human) the Rays of LightLove, this is how we ROLL.”  I busted out laughing.  I could hear the Florida Georgia song, This is how we roll.  And my guides are just like this.  They love music, making references to movies, humor and playing with words.  So this is just a start.  The message for today was just to let others know how normal and personal it can sound… and often does for me.

When channeling started, I didn’t know what was happening to me.  Was I crazy?  When I tried to look online in an attempt to make sense of it, I often found others who channeled what sounded like an alien or had to do several steps before they could start channeling and then their body seemed to be overtaken by their guide.  All of that scared me.   It doesn’t have to be that way.  It can be so normal and naturally a part of you.  Yes, it might take some time and practice.  It did for me.  And yes, sometimes the energy is so intense, you do respond/behave different but you are still very much human.  Let the Universe come to you and flow through you.  It’s never demonic.  The energy is just very different, intense and that can seem scary until you get used to it.  Just root yourself in, love and light.  ♥  The other side see’s everything as positive so even when they tell you something tough, they hold you in angel’s wings.

I also wish to say that if all of this in new to you, you are more normal than you think.  And you are not alone.  If you are the only one in your family, social circle or community who believes in all this… it’s for a reason but you are never alone.  Keep believing!

So I’ll continue to blog on with the self-help – metaphysical articles.  Each one has been Divinely inspired and I believe for the general public – those who seek.  I do though think this page will be a great place to add some additional messages.  Maybe to see if those who channel are working on some common themes or to be inspired/reminded.  I will keep Their words in quotes.

Okay ROLL, this acronym just doesn’t seem right.  I think we can come up with a better name but you did make your point. “LOL?  You do use that a lot.”  Hmm…  Stay tuned.  I’ll update later.  I wanted to mention or describe that I don’t use my mind like I normally would when I channel.  I just let it come.  It’s never what I think.  I note it when it comes and move on when it doesn’t.  I’m enjoying the ride.

“You are the messenger.  Get the message out.  Start working with teens and young adults.  They are the mothers and fathers.  Those who are 15-25 now will parenting a new generation of healers and teachers for the planet.  Strides have been made but a new foundation needs to be laid.”

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