Seeing… Eye to Eye

I hadn’t used this expression in forever, yet I thought it was a good one.  Over the past week, I had two encounters that were important and I realized the other party and I weren’t seeing, eye to eye.  We were not on the same page.  With one of them, we weren’t even in the same book.  When this happens, it would be easy to either get frustrated or just walk away.  In reality though, this moment is a great opportunity.  It is a lesson.  A lesson on human relations.  We do have a choice.  What caused me to pause this time was I knew the Universe would bring it back to me in a different form if I didn’t take the time to learn from it now.  It had presented itself for a reason.

I used to say that there are two sides to a story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  Now I think there are many sides to a story and each must find their truth.  To see eye to eye is to view something the same way.  This often and easily happens between friends and gives us a feeling of comfort and connection.  It’s not about forcing someone to accept your point of view, fighting or that someone has to win.  It’s not about ego.  At times, it does require moments of patience, listening and opening up your heart… more.  I do think the effort is worth it.  In these moments of being… love, you will find acceptance, forgiveness and healing.

So how can we see eye to eye when each of us seems to have our own perception of a situation?  The real question might be, how can we get to a place of seeing third eye to eye with another?  While all might not know about this chakra or ability, it is a gift and in each one of us.  It can assist us in our everyday interactions.

If you haven’t been using your third eye, I encourage you to.  I think a simple way to do this is to think on the word, Namaste.  A short explanation of this word is, the Divine spirit in me, honors the Divine in you.  Saying Namaste is easy.  I’ve done it often.  In a moment of gratitude to another that showed me their best.  They reminded me of my best.  It was like a, thank you.  Saying Namaste to a person who is mean or disrespecting you, or just being… difficult and truly meaning it, takes practice and is part of the spiritual journey.  We should be grateful to those who present themselves as stubborn and to the difficult situations.  Do you see the blessing in disguise?  This is a moment where you can discern, co-create, expand and move forward.


So I like this picture.  It’s a good reminder for me.  I just need to take a moment and come back to my center.  To remember who I AM.  Really that just takes a second.  To remember my inner knowing, goodness and light.  Then to remember that the other person is just like me.  They, too, are a spiritual being.  They are full of wisdom and light.  They are functioning to the best of their knowing.  So how can I remind them of their inner goodness verses just seeing them as stubborn, difficult or uncaring?

I ask you to just sit for a moment with the Namaste hands.  Place them over your heart.  Find your inner temple.  Breathe.  Spend several minutes here if you can.  Then move your Namaste hands over your third eye.  Reconnect.  Use your gift.  Practice.  Life and moments often happen too fast.  You might forget your Namaste hands.  Do the best you can.  Intend to do better next time.  Life is about evolving.

If you are struggling with a bigger life lesson, take time to meditate.  Find your center – a place of beauty and peace.  Then try to connect your soul to theirs.  Think of their inner light, love and truth.  It’s there.  At times buried, but it is in you and in them.  Make a connection.  What do you see?  This alone might be enough.  If needed ask, what is the lesson? Why are we struggling? What, my friend, should we do? After meditating, you might clearly see the reason or the next step.  If not, it just means more time and discernment is needed.  The important thing is you tried… you were allowing.  You also opened yourself and the other person to love and light – a higher vibration.  Bringing peace into your heart.  This alone will help.  Remember this peace and follow your inner knowing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you blessing in your eye to eye moments.  Namaste!

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