Are You a Love Whisperer?

DSCF8832 (2)While Valentine’s Day is still several weeks away, I’m already thinking about it.  At times, I do struggle with, being present since we are bombarded by reminders of the future.  As I walked into a grocery store, I saw that LOVE was in the air.  I paused for a second to chuckle and to appreciate the reminder.  Love is always in the air.

Valentine’s Day has become a very commercial holiday.  Hallmark loves this holiday.  Actually, so does the candy, floral and jewelry industry.  The reminders are also on the radio and TV.  And it seems that bigger and more is better.  Hmm.  I think Valentine’s Day is a great… reminder.  It’s a day, a holiday a lot like Thanksgiving and Christmas to me.  I think Thanksgiving and Christmas is every day, too.  Can you imagine a world where every day was Valentine’s Day – yet take some of the commercialism and ego out of it.  More random acts like giving fresh cut wild flowers, home-made cards and sincere I love you’s.  More, you complete me moments like Jerry McGuire where you realize your significant other, family members, co-workers, even the mail (wo)man makes your life easier and more meaningful.

This year, I’m looking at Valentine’s Day differently.  I’ll be honest, some years I got a little stuck on this holiday and carried a variety of emotions.  I hope that those I love already truly know this.  While I probably will buy cards, it’s not that I need to.  I try to love and carry the Valentine’s Day spirit 365 days a year.  The Cupid symbolism doesn’t seem to be quiet right.  I’ve heard of a horse whisperer and a baby whisperer, so maybe a love whisperer is more my style.

Webster defines a whisperer as a person who excels at calming or training hard-to-manage (animals) using non-coercive methods based especially on an understanding of the (animals’) natural instincts. This seems to fit and yes, I put the word, animals in parentheses. I’d just change it to, humans. Us, humans, can be hard-to-manage and love at times.  We are all so different yet really the same.  We all want, love.  It does make the world go round.

So here are a few simple thoughts for you to ponder as the holiday approaches.  A few questions you can ask as you wait in line or traffic or in a quiet moment.

  1. Do you see love unfolding in your life all around you?  Do you feel it?  Hear it?  This is where it starts.  Be it.  Be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi.
  2. Do you strive to make another’s life a bit better?  Are you able to spare a minute to help or go out of your way to surprise another?
  3. Can you let go of a grudge and reach out to make amends with another?  To just try… to understand life in their shoes?
  4. Do you show love in a way that doesn’t expect acknowledgement?  Can you give it away?

If you need to be showered with affection on this day, you might be missing the point.  Maybe the person who needs the card or the flowers or the hug is someone you least suspect.  Maybe a complete stranger.  They might be in jail or the hospital/nursing home or working hard in a fast food restaurant or 7-Eleven.  This year, I encourage you to reach out to either someone you have lost touch with or someone new.  Share your love.  You have more than you realize.  Recycle it.  Give it away and watch it come back to you.

As a final thought, I love books so I recommend two to you.  One, a children’s book, Consider Love by Sandra Boynton.  When my boys were younger this made a great snuggle book.  And, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  This book, years ago, helped me to better understand how to give and receive love.

Happy Heart Day to all!  Whisperer on!

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