Don’t Stop Believing!

Yes, just like the 1981 Journey song, I awoke with this in my head this morning.  The lyrics kept playing… hold on to that feeling!  I thought of my life and my current set of circumstances.  I did have much to be grateful for.  I also had some dreams and maybe I was struggling to see, how?  How was this going to unfold?  I am so human.  I have to catch myself when I start to worry on the, who, what, when, were and how.  Honestly, more often than not, my part is just to, believe!  So simple, it’s hard to do.

It seemed as if these past few days, my signs were all around me.

  1.  Martin Luther King Day – What was my dream?  And did I feel strong enough to stand before a crown and announce it?  To encourage and motivate others?  Maybe, in this moment, I just need to encourage and motivate myself.
  2. The State of the Union – Yes, what was my state of being?  And… what were my intentions?  How did I plan to move forward in 2015?
  3. A Super Moon – What did I need to release?  What was being brought to light that I needed to see?  What no longer served me?  What can I walk away from because… it’s time to dance under the moonlight.

We are already weeks into the New Year and it would be easy to let go of resolutions or intentions that you might have set just a few short weeks ago.  Revisit them.  If you have time – ponder, journal, go for a walk, have a cup of coffee with a friend and discuss your dreams, your current state of being…  Intend to evolve, expand and allow.

Journey, I thank you for coming to me this morning.  A reminder to proceed on my spiritual journey.  Don’t stop this journey.  Don’t stop believing!

If you have a moment, think of your dream.  Hold it.  Feel it.  Believe it.  It just takes a moment to do this.  Do this as often as you can.  This seems far more productive than worry.  This is manifesting!

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