Be… Brave


How to talk with your friends, family, and children about the metaphysical and spiritual world and your believe of it.

As a mother of teen boys, on occasion I try to have a discussion about sex – a more modern version of the birds and the bee’s talk.  One day, as they walked away and I thought about my word choice, my mind then went off on a tangent.  The initial birds and the bee’s talk can be awkward.  I will say it does get a bit easier as you continue to have talks.  Actually, there are so many topics that need to be discussed yet starting the discussion does take the right moment and a bit of bravery.

I thought of my moment when I came out of the spiritual closet.  I’d lived a life and people knew me.  Some knew me well.  And some only knew a side of me and came to rely on that image.  I had a reputation to uphold.  Yet, I realized I was living two different lives and I was starting to feel the divide.  One, was a combination of how I was raised, my experiences and how I was to behave in my career and public.  However, I discovered I had a totally different side to me and that side was growing and changing daily.  Almost too rapidly for others who knew me to understand and keep up with.  I was starting to question… everything.  I seemed to have questions my mother… my girlfriends… my significant other couldn’t answer.  I seemed to scare them but I didn’t think my questions were that… scary.  I also wanted things to be simple and easy and liked to laugh.  Ghee, everyone around me seemed to like things complicated and was way too serious.  I was now thinking, as I child I couldn’t wait to be a grown up but now…?

So for many years, I continued on.  I privately seeked and learned and kept my new beliefs to myself.  I read books, watched YouTubes and made small changes.  I sought out psychic and spiritual groups and events.  Ah, I was not alone.  Others also believed in this.  So I tried to gently drop words into my general conversations like… soul, purpose, signs, and Angels.  Only a few seemed to understand my word choice of synchronicities, chakra’s, energy/vibration, or that I saged my house.

Growing up, my Aunt called what I was now believing in, woo, woo.  But this was who I AM and one day I came out of the closet.  To be honest, I quickly went back in.  I thought I was ready but I needed a little more time.  I was still growing into the new me.  In my journey, I have embraced adversity.  At times from some of my closet family and friends.  When you change, everything changes.  You have to be willing to be brave, let go and move forward.

The next time I came out of the closet, it was like opening a door that held back piles of stuff.  Now I was really out of the closet and it was a beautiful mess.  There was no way it was going to neatly fit back into a small closet.  Hiding no longer served me.

For quite some time, I’d been fighting the thought of starting a blog.  Yet after I started, I wondered why.  I was fearless.  I was a writer on fire.  I loved it!  I loved the freedom and connecting with other like-minded individuals.

So I wondered, like the birds and the bee’s talk, why don’t we embrace the, woo-woo talk.  It can be so simple!  Why not talk about your overnight dreams around the breakfast table and your day dreams around the dinner table?  Why don’t we engage in a discussion on past lives more often… even if it is just, I wonder or I think I might have been a … Why don’t we discuss the beauty we see and spend more time in nature?  Why don’t we discuss our soul, living in our body, living an authentic life?  And how challenging it is at times.  We seem to have time to watch TV, go shopping and wait in lines for things we probably don’t even truly need.

Start small.  Keep it simple.  It is this simple… and in time, it will grow into you and your lifestyle.  Make time for your spirit.  Be who you are.  Lead by example.  Often no words are even needed.  Show that you respect and love yourself by taking time to meditate and thinking positive about yourself (verses critical that you might be five pounds over weight).  Show that you have balance in your life.  Show that you seek and evolve.  You are willing to change.  Then everyone will want to know what your secret is.  What makes you… tick?  Yep… it’s your heart.  Living from your heart.  Be grounded and centered amongst all the chaos.  Find your higher power.  You can call it God, The Universe, your higher-self, or a spirit guide.  I often refer to it as, love.  Find it and be it.

Be open.  Be allowing.  Be flexible and forgiving.  Be available.  Stop expecting and judging.  Be love.  Be the light.  Be… Brave!

5 comments on “Be… Brave

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  2. Discovered your articles this morning – loving them so much. First, my childhood favourite – The Wizard of Oz, now this. It’s so true, I am in and out of that cupboard too. haha


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