Soul self-care


I’m a mom and a girl-scout by heart.  My Mickey tin of Band-Aids has been with me for years.  I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it.  I’ve often said, I have a Band-Aid for that.  I went to re-stock it the other day and thought of how many types of Band-Aids this tin has carried.  From small to large plain ones, to camo, to hot pink (just because they made them).  I chuckled as I opened this Band-Aid.  Yes, this expression looks familiar.  Life is often unexpected.  Oh my, how did this happen?  And… why?  Getting a boo-boo is not fun.  It could be easy to dismiss but everything happens for a reason.  Some wounds need to happen – a reminder to slow down.  A moment to give self-care.  Wrapping it with a Band-Aid and a kiss helps – no more dirt needs to enter.  And other times a boo-boo need to be exposed… to breathe. The good news is, in time, most wounds heal and scars fade. You do have the power to turn a boo-boo into a bliss moment.

Now, as an adult, I realize I’m a first responder to life.  I’m deciding to be ready.  I’m very fortunate to be in good health.  In reality, I’ve just had a few boo-boo’s along the way.  Yet, I rarely say thank you for this.  I rarely give thanks for just for being… alive.  I mean, just ask someone who has asthma how important a breath is.  Just ask someone who has terminal cancer how important a day is.  Just ask someone who is in a wheelchair or has arthritis in their hands or is legally blind… we often take our health and bodies for granted.  If you are feeling good today, you are truly blessed.  Yet do really appreciate this?  Do you show it?  Do you jump out of bed screaming in delight that you are, alive?  And that you feel good (verses having to spend the day in a doctor’s office)?  To have awoken and to be able to go do what you want – unrestricted.  Please don’t take this for granted.  This is freedom.  Make your time here, each day, count.  Give your soul some self care and I’d bet this well help you avoid healthcare (dis-ease).

Try something for me.  Tomorrow morning as you awake scream – I AM HAPPY TO BE ALIVE!  Or why wait?  Try it now. If you need to start as a whisper, that’s also okay.  Keep trying each day for a week, slowly getting louder each day.  I’d guarantee you that this simple two second action could change your life.  Try saying it as you sit in traffic or (to yourself) in a boring meeting.  Let your children hear you say it.  Let your neighbors hear you say it.  It might be contagious in the best kind of way.

So as I put up my Band-Aids, I realized in some ways, my writing is like my tin.  I get an idea (I’m inspired by just about anything) and feel certain I know what I’m going to pull out of my brain.  When I’m done typing, I often find that I ended up expressed something else.  This just reassures me that I have more writing to do.  There is just so much symbolism and lessons in all that we encounter.  I just try to capture a moment, a reflection on my journey.  I write each peace to help… honestly…. me (I need reminders, too) but if it would help just one other person, what a blessing.  And yes, I often type peace when I mean, piece.  Aren’t words, fun?  I do strive to be in a peaceful state of being.  So if this peace/piece/Band-Aid helped you put your life in perspective today – awesome.  Use it.  Let it be a comfort to know that you are not alone.  Life, at times, is hard.  If not, discard.  Maybe another Band-Aid is better suited for you.

And the next time you go to buy Band-Aids, I encourage you to pick the fun (kiddie) Band-Aids.  Or make a doddle on a plain one.  Why be normal… express you… be fun!


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