Using Your ESPn Channel

50yardlineIt’s football season.  So… are you ready?  Are you tuned in?  To your ESPN channel?  No, not, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network on TV.  Your ESP network – the Extra Sensory Perception.  Yes, you are subscribed.  It came with your package.  There is no additional charge.  You already have the channel.  But are you using it?  When was the last time you checked to see what the line up is?  

ESP is often referred to as our sixth sense.  It goes hand in hand with words like:  psychic abilities, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and precognition.  Many think only some can tap into this ability.  But what if we all can?  Just about all of us are blessed to see, hear, smell, taste and feel all day long.  But do you ever blend this with the energy that surrounds it?  Your sixth sense – a gut feeling, a knowing or the ability to sense the energy (even if you can’t always find the words to explain it) can be just as strong.  So are you ready to be called up?  Are you ready for the play-by-play?  This is the Super Bowl… with the Universe.

Whether you realize it or not, you do use your ESPN everyday.  I, though, encourage you to take it a step further.  Use your skills and abilities to discern and have discussions with the Universe on who you are and what your purpose is, in this life… your true purpose.  Once you dial into your channel, you will also see many other segments also run on this channel.   Answering other why questions, having moments of inspiring thoughts and even future visions.

If you’re not use to using your ESPN, you might not know the channel to hit on your remote.  You might spend a lot of time looking for it.  Hint, hint – turn inward.  Press play and listen to your heart.  Once you use your natural-born gift more, you’ll be able to tune in and use it without thinking.  Maybe just some fine tuning is needed for better audio and visual.

The ESPN channel’s tag line is, the worldwide leader in sports.  This made me chuckle.  Channeling is like a sport.  It does take practice.  The more you practice, the better you get.  Yes, some are born with a gift and it seems to come easily to them.  So if this is a new sport to you, where do you start?  Well, what do newbies do?  They observe.  They study.  They try.  They practice.  They are persistent.  They are also patient.

If you’re a seasoned player, you already know how to line up your chakra’s and meditate.  You already know how to balance your on-field and off-field time… your life.  You already have your game day jersey on (your wings).

When I was learning to channel, the Universe broke it down for me.  I often walked around with questions in my head.  I tossed them to the Universe.  I let go.  At times, I was a star quarterback.  But I had to be ready to receive the incoming message.  I had to be open.  Yes, I often felt the defense closing in on me.  It’s easy to get tackled by the everyday stress of life.  This will block your ability.  And, at times, I was definitely at the wrong place on the field.  Making the first connection (catch) can be the hardest but after that, you know you can.  I recommend meeting the Universe in the middle at the 50 yard line.  Show up and be… a part of the coin toss.  Visualize, looking up.

Like fantasy football, I encourage getting into the fantasy state of mind.  Think of options that are not normally options.  And, just like a good super bowl party – take time to eat, drink and be merry.

A coach is available to you.  Your coach might be right here on Earth or a spirit guide on the other side.  Your soul plane (both here and on the other side) is all of the other players on your team.  They want you to do well.  They want you to succeed.  And yes, there are cheerleaders but I often refer to them as angels.  The opposing team, well, it’s not a team, really it’s just your ego.

So welcome to the game of life.  As you practice, there will be moments of fumbles, holding, blitz and pass interference.  At times, you won’t understand the calls – signs or messages.  You will also be tested, feeling that the wrong call was made.  Sometimes time-outs and huddles are needed.  Trust that the universe knows what it is doing.  But put your helmet on (your crown chakra).  Get in your vortex – the grid iron.  You are headed for a touchdown.  I can already hear the crowd cheer on the other side as you connect more and more to your ESPN channel.  Your going to… Go – all – the – way!

2/1/15 Update.  As I watched the end of the Super bowl, I loved that New England #21 said, I had a vision.  He couldn’t even describe it but he used his ESPN – Yes!

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