Soul Shine vs. S.A.D.


I’ve known about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for over a decade now.  Each winter, for a few weeks, I’d notice a melancholy feeling.  My summer tan was long gone and my surrounding often looked gray without the burst of fall or spring colors.  I just wasn’t as happy or peppy.  Was I addicted to the sun?

Last winter, I really questioned the SAD feeling when we had several back-to-back snow storms (rare for the area).  I worried that ho-hum feeling might try to slide in but I was working hard to change my cellular memory and DNA.  I told myself SAD no longer served me.

I keep thinking of the song, Soulshine by the Allman Brothers Band.

Well you got to let your soul shine, It’s better than sunshine, It’s better than moonshine, Damn sure better than rain. Got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day.

I’m a flip flop kind of girl but got bundled up and enjoyed some outdoor time.  Snow makes everything seem new.  And if the sun is shining, the reflection will warm your soul.  I enjoyed walking in its freshness and saw it as a blank slate.

AND, what can SAD teach you?

Maybe the question is more, what is your soul trying to teach you?  With each lesson I’ve learned, the problem/situation/symptom stopped presenting itself.  Maybe a time to remember you inner light and strength – an invitation from your soul.  Maybe you are too busy to truly listen to your soul in the spring, summer and fall.

Maybe you should be resting more and taking time to curl up with a good book.  A time to pull in and refuel.  Or journaling or painting.

Just ask yourself, what would make my soul happy today?  Maybe toss a blanket in the dryer for a few minutes and then curl up with a chai tea.  Maybe paint a room a bright color.  Stop watching the depressing news and find a comedy or listen to happy music.  Message a friend, go to lunch, do something that would bring you joy.  Or, volunteer at a homeless shelter or SPCA.  I’d bet there’s someone out there who needs you.

If your SAD seems severe, reach out for professional help.  Do not suffer.  You are too amazing to suffer!  Take care of yourself.  If you could hear what I hear, I want to let you know that your soul loves you very much, just as you are, in this very moment.  Here’s a quick pep talk from your soul – I want you happy!

Remember this is just a season and the sun and warmer days will be here again soon. I believe, you gotta let your soul shine!

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