Mirror… Mirror


I often use words in my writing and then pause to remember how one word can be an article at in itself.  Today, the word, mirror.

When I discuss signs, I often look for them in my everyday life.  They are everywhere.  I often pause and see what is being mirrored back to me.  As I stand in nature what do I see… feel?  How is it a reflection of me?  As I stand in line at the grocery store, who is in front and behind me?  How about the cashier?  What am I seeing?  It just takes a second.  What is the first word that comes to your mind?  Then reflect on that word.  You might see a person or situation that looks just like you.  Often though you will see something very different.  Then, in a split second, our mind wishes to dismiss the different.  It wishes to discard it.  Life and the spiritual journey is not like a factory where you can discard the, rejects.  So, what if there is a lesson in the different?  And even scarier… what if you wish to dismiss, is in you?  The spiritual journey is about embracing these moments and thoughts and… negative accepts of yourself.  The point is to evolve by releasing sadness, anger and confusion.

You are a powerful manifestor of your reality.  So if it’s in your space – you pulled it to you.  Yes, for a reason.  Maybe it’s just to realize that we are all human.  We are all trying.  Look into another’s eyes.  They are the windows of the soul.  Smile and remind them of who they are.

I also know the power of mirror work.  We use mirrors each day.  Often it’s just a quick glace to make sure we are presentable.  Sometimes, though, our actions in front of a mirror are very critical.  When was the last time you paused at a mirror and smiled at yourself?  When was the last time you paid yourself a complement?  This is not ego, this is self-acceptance and love.

When was the last time you used a mirror to look into your own eyes and have a discussion with your soul?  Just like in Snow White, use your magic mirror.  It never lies.  Your soul would tell you that you are beautiful… handsome… perfect.

If you have time.  I recommend this YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZFcN5qB8yM

Less than four minutes.  I think well spent.  Look at your world as a mirror and use your mirror.  Now, mirror on!

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