Conscious Cord Cutting: Quick, Easy and Effective Energy Booster

Step out of the fog!  Get your energy back!  Clarity!  Relief!  Did those words get your attention?

This article will take you less than five minutes to read and the practice itself can take as little as five minutes.  It’s been a while since I did this so I even forgot how effective getting still, taking a moment to tune into my body and then seeing and releasing energy cords, is.  It is all about energy and vibration. Cord cutting is powerful and should be routine maintenance for us humans.  If you are new to it, just practice.  It can be easy.

I sat in silence for just a few minutes with my eyes closed.  I could then see all the cords attached to me from others.  Names and faces came.  Some even surprised me.  Then, I could see all the cords that came out from me attaching to others.  Like I was an octopus.  Oh gheez, that part also surprised me.  I’d gotten a little caught up in other’s energy and issues.  I was stuck in a well woven web.  web2

Well, no wonder I was a bit tired.  It also looked like this complicated mess of wires and gadgets – how symbolic.


I didn’t ask to sever the cords… I just asked that the energy go back, making that person feel whole… complete… total…. love… light.  I gently felt the energy move… fade and then the cord was gone.  I could see each person happier for having more of their energy back.  I do think that some cords though need that severing energy – the energy vampires.  A clear sign that you are serious.  You’ve had enough and it’s not healthy for you or, serving you.  And I also pulled back my energy into me.  Ahh.

I then realized this was my block/mind fog.  I was not connected to my energy and cord in it’s entirely.  That amazing white to silver cord was getting lost (suffocated) in the mess.  I took a minute to run energy from my higher knowledge to my heart and back to my brain.  I could see the cord clearly now and it glowed.  I then asked that it run from my 1st charka to… the stars.  I paused at each chakra to give love and light.  Then, I asked to feel the divine energy all around me.  Ah… now, all … was… well.  Now, I seemed much clearer about everything.  I could feel my energy rise as well.  I took a minute to breathe and give thanks.


If you have time and meditate more on your cords, you will also find more than people.  You might find things that you say, do or even places that are no longer serving you.  It’s all about energy.  Where are you investing yours?  Release… let go.  Connect to your inner knowing and being then, act from this place.


5 comments on “Conscious Cord Cutting: Quick, Easy and Effective Energy Booster

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  2. Thanks for commenting! I will admit when I first did this years ago, it took some time and if nothing else I had a personal a-ha. I so struggled to get out of my mind and see… and, let the energy come to me. Now it’s about the intention and comes easily and after a few minutes, it seems like a cup of coffee boost.


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