Living Fearless


Doesn’t that sound… great?!  Wouldn’t you like to be able to live your live without fear?  To take action with hesitation.  To know that it would all work out.  If you are already doing this, congratulations. You are the cheerleaders for those of us who seem to get a bit stuck at times. Continue reading

Where is home?


I’ve been on a spiritual journey for several years now. There did seem to be a defining time frame when I kicked it from a curiosity and interest to a passion and lifestyle. Interesting the timing. During this time I was also moving… and then I moved again… and I’ve been looking to move a third time. Third times a charm, right? I guess you could say that I need to experience a few things. I needed to be a free spirit.  I am grateful for the experiences and I’ve learned, a lot!  So finally, I’m clear about many things. This is awesome! Continue reading

Walk it out


Something about my brain is attached to the souls of my feet. I do better when I walk several times a week. This past month, with below average cold weather, ice and snow, walking has not been the easy option.  So today, I’m creating a mini-home jam.  I like all types of music and today I need a jam.  Jam with me?  For some, this jam might take you outside your music comfort zone… that’s the point!  Be free!  Or come up with your own jam. Continue reading

A LOVE and LIGHT craft project


I needed a craft project today.  I am not an artist but I still like to try.  Years ago, I tried to create pieces and sell them.  I then learned what the, starving artist phrase meant.   But it was a good way to get my creative juices flowing.  It felt good to create something.  So from time to time, as a hobby, I dabble.  So…  Continue reading



I’m staring at my laptop. It’s downloaded a new update and is now, processing… Yep, still processing. I’m just chuckling. I’ve often felt this on my journey.

The spiritual journey is just that, a journey. Some fast and straight stretches and some long and winding roads and a few kiss your backside curves. There are scenic view overlooks, rest stops and pit stops. At times, there are what seems like wrong turns, detours and unexpected maintenance. Continue reading

Holding Space


Holding space is a term used in the spiritual and metaphysical world and a part of the spiritual journey.  At times, when life seems unsure, before that next door opens, or if you are processing a life event or lesson, you just need to get neutral and allow time and space to happen.  Whatever needs to surface, will.  Whatever needs to happen, will.  Holding space can happen as quickly as the two seconds it takes to make an intention and then cup your hands to symbolize you allow the space for it to work out.  You trust and believe.  You can also hold positive space at any point in your day just to raise your energy quickly.  Try it.  I’ve often heard the term used by Lightworkers.  They hold the light, the positive energy here on earth.  I believe many do this without even knowing it. Continue reading

For those who channel, my two cents.


I was thinking… lol. Okay, this already proves my point. No one taught me how to channel. Actually when the flood gates opened, it snuck up on me. Now that I’ve been channeling for a while now, I’ve discovered two things and wish to pass along my perspective and… (I don’t want to say, advice since each person’s journey is different).  So, here’s my two cents. Continue reading