Message from the Universe

Often when I channel, I get pages of notes.  This one is short and sweet.  I will say often those messages mean just as much as the long ones.

“What are we doing with our time?  Yes, we – all of humanity.  Heaven and Earth combined.  We are all in this together.  Seriously.  Start to pay attention.  What do you do?  Work?  Sleep?  Eat?  Shop?  Are you spending time resting… healing… evolving?  Are you spending time being kind to yourself?  To others?  To Mother Nature?

Do you take time to see our signs and hear our messages?  We are right next to you.  Do you feel us?  We miss you.   Let us assist you.  You are not alone.”

So… can you imagine an energy that you haven’t even connected with is dying to meet you?  To work with you?  To help you?  Awesome, because it’s true!

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