Embrace your dark side

groundhog-day-shadowGroundhog Day happens each year.  This year, I pause to chuckle.  Many will watch as the groundhog emerges from its burrow.  And will he see his shadow?  Often if he does, a disheartened sigh is given.  We all like warm and sunny days or at least the hope of them.  I’d been thinking on writing an article on embracing one’s dark side and this symbolism seems to fit.

Many live a life clinging to a role they project.  They strive hard to please, be perfect and look pretty while doing it all.  This can be exhausting.  So many try to hide and ignore their unique… flaws.  This can use up a lot of your life force (energy).  Seriously… no one is perfect, so why do you hold yourself to this standard?  But what if these characteristics or moods are not flaws?  What if you are perfect just the way you are?  What if you are the way you are, for a reason?

Most of us our aware of our dark side and often try to hide it – suppress it.  Embrace it.  Love it!  Learn from it.  It is wise.  It is your teacher.  Keeping it stuffed down will add mental and physical weight to you.  Keeping it in, will cause dis-ease.  Not acknowledging it is like not knowing of the diamond in the rough.  It needs to be exposed… looked at… spend time with it… polish it.

Have you taken time to ask yourself why you don’t like certain aspects of, you?  You might notice them emerging in times you don’t play well in the sandbox with others.  That side of you sometimes comes out for what seems like no reason… and even you don’t even understand it.  As it emerges, ask yourself, why?  You might not know at first.  Keep discerning.  Often it’s a warning – something is out of alignment.  Maybe in time, you’ll even find an aspect of you, that you adamantly denied, is indeed in you and… there is nothing wrong with this.  This is an a-ha moment.  What a gift!

Your reminder or sign may also come any time you physically see your shadow.  An invitation from your soul.  It wants to work with you… to learn and evolve together.  So often it will speak to you from your dark side.  Yes, it wishes to get you more into the light/lite side.  Mentally and physically light and lite.  Free from worry, doubt and fear.  Don’t fear your shadow.  Pull in that light aura around you.


So as the groundhog emerges today, use it as your sign.  Is more time needed in the, “winter” season of your life?  Is more discernment needed in your journey of life?  Yes… you can do this!

I also think of the Kelly Clarkson song, Dark Side and I encourage you to listen to it.

Allow what needs to surface, to surface.  Release.  Embrace yourself.  Learn more about yourself.  Most of all, love yourself.  I think you are pretty awesome!  Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Update:  A few days after I wrote this, I saw this book by Debbie Ford in a second hand store.  While I haven’t read, I’d bet it would help.  http://www.amazon.com/The-Dark-Side-Light-Chasers/dp/1594485259

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