Stay focused on your journey and let go of drama.

let it go Drama, drama, drama!  Drama is an energy, a vibration.  Some people do live off it – it can be a fuel, while others find it exhausting.  It’s an attention seeking method.  It’s both energy seeking and energy leaking. A few years ago, I had a reality check with myself.  I stopped and looked at everything.  What did I do with my time and who surrounded me.  What did I talk about?  I took time to think on this as the weeks and months unfolded.  I was more mindful of my actions and interactions.  When you get real… honest with yourself, it can be an eye opening experience.  I‘ve always tried to avoid drama but when I looked at my own life… hmm, I seemed to have some of my own and was also easily sucked into other’s.

Often drama are the messes you have yet to deal with.  Pause… and think on that.  It happens, life can get very busy at times.  You can try to stuff them in a closet but trust me at some point, the door will be opened.  Drama can also be your personal confusion or a way to avoid getting real.  It seems easier to react out of fear which just creates drama verses staying calm and working through the issue.  Drama can be a great time to stop, clean up… grown up and move on.

Drama, though, is often used as a way to control.  You were born to be a spiritual being, not a control freak, remember?  This drama control often limits.  So drama seems to be the opposite of love.  Unconditional love is being open, allowing, forgiving and co-creating.  It’s about supporting and empowering.

So ask yourself, is your life reading like the lines of a soap opera… a suspense… or a comedy skit?  Why, and… are you okay with this?  I think drama needs to play out on a stage, not in your own life.  But if you are in the middle of some drama, just pause and look for the reason.  Look for the lesson.  There is always a reason.

Letting go of drama can be done in a split second but often it’s a process.  There are tests and invitations, lol.  Once you let go of not only your personal drama, but others, do expect changes in your life.  You will also be left with some extra time.  To some, this time and space might feel foreign, scary, too quiet.  It might be hard to be with or face, yourself.  Hold on.  This is a great new space to be in – it’s your vortex.  And in time it will be powerful, feel amazing and fuel and support you.  When drama has left the stage of your life, you can replace it with something called peace, nirvana, happiness.  Whatever brings you joy.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  And if you don’t even know what bring you true joy (you just thought drama did), no worries, you will figure out this part as well.

So let go.  Then, let go some more.  Stay focused on your journey.  Release the vibration of drama.  Embrace love, light, peace, joy.  Sing with me, Let it go, let – it – go…

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