What are you running from?


I’m right here.  I hear you.  Your prayer… your question… your request.

I used to be a power walker and participate in many events.  I’ve done 5k’s, 10k’s, 13.1 and 26.2’s (marathons).  Each one was a challenge.  Each medal, I truly appreciate.  It was a good form of exercise for me and assisted in releasing stress.  And the marathons were very empowering events.

Now, I still love walking but I do so at a much slower pace.  And now, distance just doesn’t matter.  I can now look back and realize, while I was running toward a goal, I was often running away from my true self.  Gheez, why would I do that?  At the time, I didn’t realize that I didn’t need to release stress, I needed to make changes in my life so that the stress wasn’t there in the first place.  So, life pushed hard on me and I continued to push hard back.  I was strong but also missing the point.

What are you running from?  The answer might be closer than you think.  Could the answer be… you?  Take time to connect with your soul.  Take time to feel those angel wings of protection around you.  Take time to feel your angel wings.  Yep… feel them in your shoulder blade area.  Roll your shoulders back – no slouching.  Now feel how wide and tall they are.  Amazing.  Feel the connection to your heart.  Bring it in and allow it to circulate through you.  Shake off any negative vibration.

While spirit will send you signs, we often miss them.  Stop.  Make time to be present.  Let everything happen as it needs to.  Get still… quiet… listen.  Make sure you know your role in your own actions… in your own body.  Listen to your soul… listen to your angel guide.  Then, act knowing.  Go at your own pace.  Go with your angels and walk in joy.

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