(Spiritual) Spring Cleaning… NOW!


I was away for a few days. Upon my return, I noticed I was in a cleaning mode. I am like Snow White in that I like to whistle, hum or sing as I work along. First, my personal living space. Then my vehicle. Yes, I’m being both literal and symbolic. I know spring is still a month away (March 20th) but… it was needed now.

I needed to do some dusting. I needed to vacuum. My eyes watched the vacuum and saw the symbolism. My mind had sucked up all these thoughts and was whirling. As I turned off the vacuum, I thought, just let some of this settle. Let thing fall where they need to. (I’d missed my first cue in dusting – I mean I can’t catch every dust particle.)  Then I thought again as I emptied the canister. Maybe I just need to do the same, let go. Often in the letting go, the right thought or answer will come to you. So I did a load of laundry and thought – clean, fresh, renewed.

I then thought of my body, my temple, my inner house. I paused to do some internal cleaning. Like taking a white linen and polishing each chakra. Was my body holding any messages I was ignoring? Buried under a layer of dust? And Snow White did have seven dwarfs that surrounded her… or was it chakra’s? Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy. Could these dwarfs (chakras) teach me anything?  Yes, I think so.

I love it when my inner Happy pours out of me. I also know when my inner Grumpy appears to pay attention. Something is out of alignment. I honor my inner Sleepy. There are times when rest is needed. My inner Dopey is just what I don’t remember yet.  Yes at times it needs a reminder or a little gentle push.  My inner Bashful is so innocent, humble and child-like. It does sit back and appreciate much.  And my inner Doc does send me signs to take care of myself. My inner Sneezy reminds me to release and get rid of any negativity. Yes, I do appreciate all of these aspects of my soul.

So I moved on to my vehicle. I’d discovered I had a few stains in the back. I then remembered the events that caused the stains. Oh my, those were years ago when my children were younger and life was very busy. I thought I’d cleaned these messes up but now I see I didn’t do a very good job. Now, a deep cleaning was needed. In reality, it just took a few minutes and it made the world of difference. I was surprised at how I didn’t see these messes earlier. I mean if anyone had ridden along with me, well… I’m sorry. And how symbolic. Is it time to stop and really look at your house (inner and outer) and vehicle (your journey and ways that you are getting there) and really appreciate… or to see if you have the right house, the right vehicle?  You use these, forms, every day.  Is any cleaning or maintenance needed? Does it mirror you? Have you cleaned up all your messes?  Is it time to discard the trash and polish the gems that you do have?

I encourage you to awake from your slumber and proceed in your spiritual journey. You are not waiting for a Prince… this is just another aspect of your soul.  Find you inner Prince – it’s called self-love!  So… heigh – ho!  It’s off to work I go. It’s called life. It’s not a job but a joy. All of it. Spirit wishes for us to be Happy and to succeed.  I’m reminding myself to do some spring cleaning a little more often and to continue to sing as I go along.

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