Is PEACE the missing piece?

heart puzzle

Peace.  Ahh… I like the word.  Yet, what is peace?  What does it mean to you?  A state of tranquility?   Calmness and quiet?  Harmony?  A sense of safety, security and comfort?  A sense of freedom?  Just like love and happiness, we all seem to be striving for it.

Take time to think on this word.  And what it means to you.  When you feel it, take a moment to embrace it… even more.  Truly enjoy it.  Stretch it out.  Spend some time in it.  Appreciate it.

Does your life hold enough of this feeling… this state of being?  What are ways you can align yourself and your life to… peace.  This sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  It might be a real challenge though.  You will find it goes hand in hand with love, joy, laughter and acceptance.  This is who you are… remember?

Find your inner peace.  Hmm, might it be the missing piece?  Make peace with yourself.  Who you are in the moment.  Choose positive thoughts and less criticism or stress.  You will find that when you are at peace… others will also be reminded. Be the example.

Go ahead and pull your inner hippie out.  Yep, I’d bet you have it in you.  Take a few minutes to mediate.  Offer another the peace sign.  Give another a wildflower.  Or… just smile… really smile at someone.  Like laughter, it can be contagious.  Please do infect… affect, others.  Please do remind others of this state of being.  There is enough crisis and drama in the world.  Remind others there is also peace.


By writing this piece, I’ve seemed to find peace.  May peace be with you!

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