Nourishment for Your Body and Soul


I used to weigh 90 pounds more than I do today.  To say that I loved food would be an understatement.  I not only loved all types of food and beverage, I loved them in large quantities.  I also tried to diet for years without losing a single pound.  To be honest, I’m not sure what the defining moment was.  Maybe when my physician wrote “morbidly obese” on my chart and my eyes glanced to my name at the top of that piece of paper.  These words, together on a single sheet of paper, seemed incorrect.  Or maybe it was after the fifth, congratulations, yet I wasn’t pregnant.  Or was it that the airplane seat armrest that was pinching into my side… hmm, I think you get the point.

It took me a year to lose the weight.  It took will power, determination and … a knowing.  It was a lifestyle change and the start to a new chapter in my life.  Food for me was a comfort and my weight was many issues I chose to carry around.  I was in denial about a few things (old wounds that I wasn’t ready to face) and emotional eating was my coping mechanism.  The issues got stuffed down with each bite (too many) I took.  At the time, I didn’t know of any other way.  I can also say that I was busy and fast food was easier but I’ve now learned to cook delicious meals in the same amount of time I spent waiting in line.

As the weight came off, the transformation was on many levels.  It was like shedding a fat suite. As I kept the weight off (also a challenge the first few years), the transformation also continued.  I was lighter in form but then years later (as I started my spiritual awakening) realized I was also changing into a light being.  I was finding my truth and allowing it to radiate from me.

I often see an overweight person yet I see a different person on the inside that is about to be born.  I see the fat suite that is ready to be shed.  In a glance, I send them love and light.  Do they feel it?  Sometimes I think, yes, as I continue to smile at them… knowing that the moment is coming and that they can do it.  On occasion they do smile back.  An unspoken acknowledgement.  Soul to soul.  I just try to remind them of their inner goodness.

Food is for our body.  Our soul though, also needs nourishment.  There is no amount of food that will compensate if you are not also fueling your soul.  You might be craving food but I think it’s your soul that is craving for a relationship with you.  Well, then maybe your soul can fuel you. A ying to a yang.  Then watch your cravings, emotional or overeating lessen and in time, stop.

So I recommend a few simple things.  First, for the human body.

  1. Be present when you eat.  Just eat.  Put down the phone, the book, the whatever. Slow down and really taste your food.  Savor each bite.  It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize you are full.  Your stomach is just the size of a fist so you probably don’t need as much as you think.
  2. Try new foods.  Your taste buds change (slowly) every day.  So keep trying.  Your sweet buds are found on the front roof of your mouth, so no wonder we like the sweets – instant gratification.  Make sure you are getting enough protein and vegetables – your building blocks and vitamins and your body does need fiber.
  3. Drink water and then drink some more.  Carry a water bottle with you all day and place one by your bedside.  Your body is made up of water and craves it.  It keeps all your organs operating as they should and flushes your body of what no longer serves you.  And it has no calories.
  4. Exercise.  Not everyone likes this word so let’s call it, play.  A walk, a skip, a jump.  Anything.  Just do something.  Even laughter burns calories.  No need to invest money into fancy new workout equipment, use Mother Nature.  She is your playground.
  5. Love.  Love your body.  All of it.  It carries your soul.  So take care of your body.

I also recommend a few simple things for your soul.

  1. Rest.  Sleep in… take a nap.  I know but… make time.  In sleep, your body secrets hormones needed to maintain a healthy weight (leptin and ghrelin).
  2. Decrees your stress and this will also lower your cortisol level.  Meditate.  However you enjoy.  Go for a walk in nature.  Sit in a quiet room for a few minutes.  Take a warm bath.
  3. Find a good book.  Read it.  Allow it to change your thinking.
  4. Listen to your heart… your soul.  What does it wish to say?  What signs is it sending you?  Are you listening?
  5. Love.  Love your soul.  Love the reason you were born.  Love your body.  Love your life.  Nurture both your body and soul.

So place your hands above your head and as you press them together repeat after me, Body and Soul.  Better Together!

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