Music can take you there


I grew up close to my parent’s record player. One year for Christmas, all I wanted was a Walkman. Then a boom box with dual tape decks… then a CD player… So no wonder I became a DJ in high school. Music has always been a gateway to my soul. I love music and just about all types. From country to rap and even some very angelic hymns.

I realized as I was awakening that music seemed to move me into a different state of being. I found some songs I could get lost in. I seem to let go. Then visions… feelings… knowing’s came to me. I’ve also found that my Guides speak to me through song. Have you ever woken with a song in your head? Well… they placed it there. Google the lyrics. See how you can apply the song to your current life. Or what emotions does it stir up for you? The spiritual journey is often about healing and releasing.

I also love crystal singing bowl tracks and binaural beats ( ) that are often used in meditation tracks.

I encourage you to allow music to get you more in touch with your soul. Crank up the radio. Jam away on your MP3. Act like a teen again. Let go! Then let go some more. Really get lost in the song. Feel it. Come undone. Allow the song to open you.  Your soul wishes to be this free.  Just try it and you might be surprised at what your soul has to relay to you.

So here’s my current playlist of songs that move me.

I encourage you to create your own playlist. We are all unique so find what moves you…. into a state of freedom, bliss… being.

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