A LOVE and LIGHT craft project


I needed a craft project today.  I am not an artist but I still like to try.  Years ago, I tried to create pieces and sell them.  I then learned what the, starving artist phrase meant.   But it was a good way to get my creative juices flowing.  It felt good to create something.  So from time to time, as a hobby, I dabble.  So… 

Step one.  Pick up trash that washed ashore, aka, an old glass bottle.

Step two.  Take home, verse throwing in trash, discarding.

Step three.  Wash and then look at glass, wondering why I didn’t throw it away.  Does it have potential?

Step four.  Get creative.  If I don’t like it, I can throw it away.  I mean I’ve invested nothing thus far.

Step five.  Paint.  Wait for paint to dry.  Waiting…

Step six.  Use as a vase or jar to hold items I love…?  Honestly, it didn’t turn out liked I’d hoped.  So, I sat back and looked at my vase.  I was that vase.  I was not throwing that vase out.  It came to me, maybe just to teach me a lesson.  Hmm… let’s try to put a light in it.

Step seven.  Allow light to shine out of what I covered up… oh the symbolism.

Now I looked at the lighted vase and it glowed.  Now I was smiling.

We are all vases.  We hold many things.  We don’t always allow our inner light though to shine.  My vase looked totally different with and without the light.  Without light, the imperfections looked… too much.  With the light, well it was so warm, who cared.  And the small hearts placed a mirror refection around the room.  Yes, when our light is on, that is just what we do.  We leave a small piece of ourselves anywhere we go.


So I feel certain that one must do what they feel inspired to do.  One must also keep practicing.  And, once must keep their inner flame burning.

If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever, find a way to express yourself.  Allow your soul to speak with you during this time.  In love and light!

p.s.  If painting is new to you, I learned that if often takes multiple attempts.  At times you have to stop and allow the layers to dry.  Yep… this is symbolic.  Don’t give up.  Keep layering.  Your masterpiece will come together.  It’s a story that must be told.

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