I’m staring at my laptop. It’s downloaded a new update and is now, processing… Yep, still processing. I’m just chuckling. I’ve often felt this on my journey.

The spiritual journey is just that, a journey. Some fast and straight stretches and some long and winding roads and a few kiss your backside curves. There are scenic view overlooks, rest stops and pit stops. At times, there are what seems like wrong turns, detours and unexpected maintenance.

If you’ve shifted from being human to a spiritual being, the waiting as it often comes up in the journey causes your mind to worry. It feels unnatural. A very quiet… pause.  Remind yourself, a lot is going on in the pauses.

Just like a computer. We have to be open to the download. Then, give it time to process. You are changing… upgrading.  Do not ignore the new features. Check them out… utilize them.

There are benefits to the quiet days and weeks. A time to catch up, review, look at options differently, think higher than your highest thought. Or… even better, allow the nothingness.  It’s called peace.  Find comfort, verses resistance, in the waiting.  A moment will come, just like in a movie where, action is needed.  You will then realize you have the resources needed.  You will then realize you weren’t waiting… you were growing!


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