Where is home?


I’ve been on a spiritual journey for several years now. There did seem to be a defining time frame when I kicked it from a curiosity and interest to a passion and lifestyle. Interesting the timing. During this time I was also moving… and then I moved again… and I’ve been looking to move a third time. Third times a charm, right? I guess you could say that I need to experience a few things. I needed to be a free spirit.  I am grateful for the experiences and I’ve learned, a lot!  So finally, I’m clear about many things. This is awesome!

I know that I’m not the only one who has struggled with this question, where is home? Therefore, I write. I lived in a home and city for 14 years before this moving spree started.  At times, the area I lived in wasn’t always the right match for me. Yet, I had no clue where I’d go. I am an explorer and did so when I could. Both online and in my car. So now there were several places I really liked but… home?


“Home is where the heart is.” I used to have that plaque hanging in the doorway of my home. This sounds so simple. I’d have to learn this. Wherever my feet took me, there I was. I was standing in my soul. I was present. I was home. We are brought to each place for many reasons.

“Home” is also where we initially came from. Yep, the other side. It is an amazing place but… it’s not time.

I will say that answering this question can be so simple or… so challenging. All you have to do is listen to your heart but often our mind either suppresses such thoughts and dreams or really questions. I mean moving can be expensive, takes lots of energy and can be a risk. A mix of fear, doubt and ego – yikes.  Often, it takes courage to move.  Some look at it as a time of goodbyes but it’s also a time of hello’s.  Think of it as a new opportunity.

I also know of astro relocation (astrocartography).  What a cool tool.  For now though, I’m using my heart as the compass.

A home means many things to me. A place to retreat to, a place to rest.  A place to create.   A place where music, laughter and love circulate and pour out from.  A vortex.  Homes also hold our personal and sentimental items. I am a symbolic person so I do have all sorts of odd nick knacks. I do get it that we can’t take any of it with us, but for now, they help to remind me and bring me joy and comfort.


So I started writing this article with a serious frame of mind. Then, I started having fun finding these pictures. Ah, now we are on to something. This is a much better vibration. So, let me be silly for a moment. I think my home will look like this:


Oh, but wait, I want my fiancé to live there, too, so maybe it will look like this:


I think the point I am trying to make is, make an intention. Dream. Think higher than your highest thought and then… let go! The Divine knows your wishes and your plan. You will be placed where you are needed. Both for your lessons and for other’s. And it might not look like or be what you think. Trust.

So I share with you my intention.  I’m placing it online… in the clouds… in the Divine’s hands. I’ve chosen a geographical area. I’ve already made some great friends there and have family in the area. I plan to write and teach there. I also love the raw nature in the surrounding area and the open minded people. This feeds my soul. It feels good to have found a match. So, I smile and now, let go.  I have to be at peace if I wish to claim this piece.  I also have to be open to surprises.

If this question is stirring in your mind or heart, I first recommend that you get still and discern. Often we are placed where we are for many reasons. Have you learned all your lessons or are you running away? The lessons will follow you no mater where you go.  I also recommend doing some work on your root chakra.  Clear old issues.  Maybe take an inventory of your home and stuff.  Discern and de-clutter.  It might be holding you in place.

It’s also about timing. Trust that the Universe knows and is protecting you. Maybe They have something better in mind. Try to make peace with where you are. I know. I’ve felt it, too, but it’s all about vibration. When you change, your outside world will change. Find your inner home first.  Love it.  Spend time in it. Decorate it.  A true homecoming.  Celebrate. Know that it is coming.

So up, up and away… enjoy your journey.


p.s.  As I finished, I looked down and saw the word count.  It was the same as the area code of my intention.  Hmm.  I do love numerological signs.  House numerology is also fun.  Here’s a site to assist you in determining yours.


Update:  It’s always interesting to glance back and re-read.  I wrote this over a year ago.  I did move and the house with the big puffy heart shaped cloud did come true!  It was not where I’d intended location wise but guess what – I’ve been happy!  Blessed!  I am grateful.  Make an intention and keep moving forward in gratitude and love.  The, where is home question can become all consuming.  I choose to live.  We move as needed in total trust and it always works out.

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