Being… humble


When I think of words to describe me, well… I guess it depends on which mood I’m in.  Ghee, that list could get pretty long.  At times though, humble, is the word.

When I went to look the word up, (comparing my thoughts to what is considered the mainstream definition) I saw that the word is both a verb and an adjective.  Humble was defined online as:  having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

Hmm… And, not proud: not thinking of yourself as better than other people.  Now, that I’d agree.  I do try to practice Namaste… every day.  I’ve also had several lessons regarding self-worth and truth.  From this, I then learned how to root myself to the earth and all that is around me.

In my spiritual journey, I’ve had many humbling moments.  I’ve been truly touch by each one.  It was as if the world stopped for a moment and then I could clearly see what was going on and who I really was.  My heart spoke to me differently.  My mind was quiet and accepting.  My body felt lighter and more open, verses guarded.  Nothing else mattered but the moment I was in.  Often it was a reality check.  Showing me the important things in life.  The things we don’t see, hear or feel when we rush around in our mind and self-made reality.  These moments can be so simple yet life changing if you allow them.  There was nothing degrading or groveling about them.

I don’t think being humble means lowly, poor, insignificant or common.  We are all amazing spiritual beings. We are each unique.  We each have inner riches and gifts to give.  I also don’t think it’s about lowering yourself.  That sounds like ego.  We are all, one.  Being humble is not being a victim either.  Know your worth.  Know your vibration.

I do think it’s about being respectful… of yourself… of others… of life.  Being humble is being present and knowing of your connection to everything.  Being open.  I think being humble is a great way to be.  You will feel more of life…. appreciate more and show your gratitude.  You will be kind, accepting and forgiving.  Could being humble be a key to happiness?  Now this sounds like a great way to be.  Stay humble my friends!  The miracles of life happen in these moments.

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