Living Fearless


Doesn’t that sound… great?!  Wouldn’t you like to be able to live your live without fear?  To take action with hesitation.  To know that it would all work out.  If you are already doing this, congratulations. You are the cheerleaders for those of us who seem to get a bit stuck at times.

Fear is a good thing. It can protect us. It can also limit us. Often it is, False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear seems to be something we can’t always run from.  At times, it sneaks up on us and we react… quickly.  I recommend a, pause.

Too often, we fear too much. Discern on your fear(s). Make a list. This might be an eye opening experience in itself. Ask yourself, why? Is it really your fear? Or is it your mother’s or something you heard about? Is it based on a past experience? Situations change all the time, so often a fear will come back to you, for you to challenge it. With fears, we often try to control a situation.  Well, life is uncontrollable but you can try.  I’d suggest trying to embrace your fear. There is a lesson. Ask for help and support if needed.  It might be related to a past event or life. Can you embrace it, overcome it and get to the other side? They will be a joy and pride in figuring it out and moving past it… when you are ready.

Fear can limit us from co-creating with the world. Do not let fear stop you. The world is our playground and we are to be having fun.  Acknowledge that the Universe is keeping an eye on you.  I’d bet you have several angels of protection.  Now, don’t be foolish – I’m sure you understand.

So find your inner super hero. Love yourself, fears and all. Be kind, patient and supportive to yourself as you question your fears. As you slowly release them, you will find that you get lighter and lighter. There will be less restrictions on your life. Ghee, you might just be able to fly after all.  Remember, you are not your fear.  Enjoy your brave life!


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