A Spiritual Checkpoint

To date I haven’t read about what I call, channeling lulls.


I love my physic ability but at times it seems as if I’m in a lull.  Let me take a minute to clarify.  I know They (all of the energies I channel) are still with me but they seem to be quieter than normal… particularly if it is a personal question.  I do still get messages but not as often or as intense.  I feel a bit more human.  These lulls are unpredictable and in the past have lasted for a few days or weeks.  Yet, if a message needs to get to another they step in full force again for that joyful interaction.

I grew to appreciate the lulls because it did give me time to, catch up, per say.  I also often felt it they were watching me to see what I’d do without their suggestions.  It was a time to review what I’d learned since the last lull.  It was like a personal retrograde of sorts.  Each time, I choose to appreciate what I knew and continue on my spiritual journey.  They can be confusing at first though and your mind and ego can run wild at this time.  Don’t let it.  Do not let doubt slip back in.

During my last lull, I heard, Not a lull, a checkpoint.  I looked up the definition of this word – checkpoint – online and read:

  • a barrier or manned entrance, typically at a border, where travelers are subject to security checks.
  • a place along the route of a long-distance race where the time for each competitor is recorded.
  • a location whose exact position can be verified visually or electronically, used by pilots to aid navigation.

I chuckled.  I do think they look down upon us and see where we are on our journey.  They do see us as beings of light.

Usually at an airport or DUI/road check point you are stopped and looked over.  At times, searched.  It can be intimidating.  They seem to look at you like you did something wrong and you know you haven’t, yet they are so serious… you even start to wonder.

Me, personally, I just want to play Monopoly and pass go.  I try to make light.   🙂  During a lull, I asked myself, do you remember who you are?  This seems to remind me.  There is no question.  I stand proud, knowing who I am and that I’ll make it past this checkpoint.  I’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to fear.

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