Manuscript + Pink Envelope + Angels =


A smile on my face.  And for now, that is enough.  I do ask for your prayers though.

Almost three years ago, I made several BIG changes in my life.  The one thing that remained consistent among the ongoing changes was, I wrote.  I privately wrote for years.  For me, writing has been a form of therapy, expression and at times an obsession.  I couldn’t imagine my life without it. 

In between the writing jags, as I’d go back and read my writing, I could see the progress.  Practice, practice, practice.  Not only was it making me a better writer but a better person.  My spelling challenge, though, has remained the same.  Shucks.  I never, once as a child or adult said, I want to be a writer.  It just happened.  Hmm… maybe there is a lesson in this.

I started this blog two months ago honestly with no clue what would unfold and… I’ve been loving it.  I don’t do it for the stars or comments although I am truly touched by each one.  I write because I don’t know what else to do.  I write because I love it.  I write because it helps me and if it helps just one other person, then, that is enough.  Often, I do hope that my writing will comfort or inspire another in their own journey and I do try to seize teachable moments in my choice of words.

But today, in a very humble way, I am saying I wish to be an author.  I’m putting in the mail to a publishing group a section of a manuscript that I hold close to my heart.  Out of nowhere a few days ago, a surge of energy came to me to get a certain section right and I’ve done the best that I can.

I believe in the pages I’ve placed in the envelope.  I also believe the message/story/my words could help others.  So I found the brightest envelope I could and placed love stamps on it.  I even tried to make the three stamps look heart shape.  I probably overthought each step but I believe it’s about energy and I wanted this envelope to carry a high vibration.


I have to have faith.  I do.  I have no worry, fear or doubt.  The right thing will happen.  It always does.  At first, I thought this moment has been three years in the making but maybe it has been decades.  Have you ever had a moment where all of your life rolled into that moment?  Really, this is just a moment but it feels big to me and I’m savoring it.  While I’ve filled this envelope with my energy, I also let go.  I ask that the angels escort and that it get into the right hands.


Now, I think I will go take a nap!

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