Chakra House Cleaning


Here is a quick meditative practice.  You may sit but I recommend that you lie down and relax.  

Then, start with your root chakra.  Feel your roots and this energy center.  Send this chakra light… and love.  Then, send it more.  See if you can get it spinning.  Yes, like a washing machine on the spin cycle.  Loosen it up and allow anything that needs to go, to go.  Feel your strength.

Then think on your relationships, life purpose, your heart.  One at a time.  Have them feel more love.  Send them light.  Then, one by one, get them spinning.  Air them out.

Then think on your words, your voice.  Your sight, your wisdom and connection.  Love these energy centers.  Bring light and a higher vibration to them.

Have them spin as fast and high as they can.  Go slow.  There is no rush.  You don’t want a spiritual energy rush but you do want to raise your energy.

Now, allow all of your chakra’s to spin as fast and as high as they can… open all of them at once.  Feel the connection from one to the other.  Feel your connection to something even greater.  You might feel a pull, a lifting feeling.  Allow yourself to be this light.  Flood yourself with light… and love.  Then just enjoy the feeling.

Opening chakra’s individually and then all at once, will blow them out.  Like a clogged filter, they need this attention and routine maintenance.  In doing this, it releases any, inner junk.  It might release an inner storm that looks like a tornado but know that you are safe.  You might see a block that has now been release – as if it’s a flying object coming out from the tornado.  Let it go.  This energy must be released.  This in itself might be an a-ha moment.  Your mind might not have realized this block.

Now, try and try again… and again, if you feel up to it.

You will get to a point where all you see if the good stuff.  Love, sunshine and rainbows.  You will arise from meditation with a higher energy level and more awareness.

(Picture found online, google images.  No copyright infringement intended.)

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