Channeled: Why do kids get dis-ease like cancer?


My fiancé asked me, why do children get dis-ease?  We both understand reasons why adults got dis-ease. 

I believe children are born perfect spiritual beings.  So they have no reason to carry dis-ease.  They have done nothing to justify this vibration.  So I then thought, it was chosen.  Maybe a soul wanted this experience.  It was all a part of the duality and mosaic of life.  Maybe they needed to rest or be cared for this life.  Maybe they’d return to appreciate a life of health and feel driven to become a caregiver, nurse or doctor.  Maybe the child would affect others in a way that it would be worth their short and/or challenging stay.  Not so much a lesson for the child, but others – it was about relationships. What a kind soul to do this for others – a sacrifice.

Then, I heard Spirit whispering in my ear.  “Often they were sick in their last life.  They did not understand illness as a teacher so they came back as a child with the same or similar disease.  They (before) cursed the disease.  Now it gave them time to look at the illness through a fresh set of eyes… a new perspective.  To heal and release the illness.  Then, when they return (to the other side), they are ready to start fresh.  Why do you think so many children with illness are so patient, loving, kind, and glow?  Their soul is just so grateful to understand.  When you see a sick child… look deep into their eyes, often you will find an old, wise soul there.  They know that they will die.  They are not afraid.  They remember where they are going and have no fear.  They know to stay present which is why they so affect others around them.  They know how to really pull at heart-strings.  To remind others of the simple and import things in life.  To slow down.  Many can see their angels with them.  They draw from this light and comfort.  Often those (adults) who lose a child at a young age are reminded how precious life is.  Often their course is altered.  Often they go on to do great things in honor of the child.  Or the motivation to live… truly live their own life (now realizing at any point a life can be cut short).  Out of the grief needs to come greatness.  The child does not wish for them to be stuck in grief but this does happen.  A choice.  Want to get close to Heaven?  Go to a children’s hospital.  And yes, at times, the soul re-incarnates in a way (in the same life, alters the original plan) and survives an illness.  They choice more lessons.”

Well… Wow was all I could say.  I know that this is just a possible explanation but it made sense to me.  I can’t imagine being a parent to a sick or medically needy child.  Whether this be on ongoing illness or a terminal one.  It seems so unnatural.  Children are to remind us of our youth and vitality.  Just seeing my children sick for a few days was more than enough.  Yet, I’ve seen many examples of amazing parents.  In the most challenging moments, they loved with a patience and compassion you don’t always see.  They cared for and parent from a very deep place and… they did it day after day, after day.  These parents are truly earth-bound angels.

If your children are healthy, pause for a moment and give thanks.  If your children are challenging you, pause and realize it could be so much worse than it is.  And if it is that, worse, and you are struggling, reach out for help.  Know that you are strong and that angels are with you.  You will get through this.  I love you and our children need us!

7 comments on “Channeled: Why do kids get dis-ease like cancer?

  1. Beautifully explained.May lord almighty , our ever loving creator gives us all , strength to live in his will and acceptance till our last breath.💓

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