Your are BLESSED!


Stop. For just a moment. Yes, please continue to read but also look around. Did your sleep in a bed last night?  Did you wake up?  Do you have clothes on?  Have you had a cup of coffee or a meal in the past 18 hours?  Do you have what you really need? I’d bet you do!

WE ARE BLESSED!  But often we use other words. Stressed… a mess…

“In the middle of my mess, I forgot how I am blessed” – unknown and true!

Please stop for a moment and count your blessing.  And… keep counting!  And then count some more because you’re not even close.  Have an attitude of gratitude. Focus on the positive.

When you look at the word, blessed… right in the middle is a word. Less. You are not less anything. You have everything you need. You have strengths and talents and resources. Use them!

To be blessed is to be favored… to be provided for… and to be truly grateful that you have been. Get in this vibration. Stay in this vibration. Like attracts like!

Have a BLESSED day!

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