Timing is everything.


I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad beach walk. Even in the cold… even in the surprise rain shower… even in the blistering heat. This is telling in itself. I arrived today and crossed the sand dune. The sun was out and the water was aqua blue. I paused to smile and… breathe.

I glanced around and saw a women out of the corner on my eye. At first I thought she was a ways down the beach but before I knew it, she was on top of me. She came prepared with a bag and was eyeing me to see if I’d found anything. I said hello but she seemed to be on a mission. I’m also a beach comber but I wanted to make this a light trip so today no bag and I wore clothes with no pockets.

I then paused again and watched her power walk down the beach. I chuckled. She was me just 18 months ago when I first moved here. She was zig zaging up and down the shell lines and I could see her (empty) bag waving in the breeze. Sea glass and shell hunting is a hobby and sport here. Some take it a bit too serious. Today, thus far, seaweed and shell pieces had washed ashore. I continued my walk. I walked at a slower pace and truly appreciated each step. Then I saw a piece of sea glass and then another. I was walking right behind this women. So this got me thinking about the lesson… lessons.

When you go slow, you are present. You see more.

When you are out of alignments, the human body and mind will push you to do extreme things. Because I was that women, I get it. For years I needed to power walk, too. I had to release pent up energy. But often that is all you do. There is no connection to your soul or no listening to your heart. Often you don’t see what is there. It’s just a release. A pushing out. It’s easy to get into a lifestyle where this is all you do. On the spiritual journey, pulling in is an important practice.

I’d bet this fellow walker and beachcomber was certain a better shell pile was further along the beach. It does happen but guess what. I walked a ways and the best one was right where I meet her. So… often we seek and seek, not realizing we might be at the right spot. The Universe will place before you what you need but at times our brains have a hard time understanding this.

As I walked, I did notice something in the water coming closer with each step I took. I then reached down and in perfect timing, I picked up an intact whelk shell. The water is still too cold and it was nice I didn’t get wet. It’s not every day that a whelk shell washes up almost right at your feet. It was a gift.


Today this whelk shell was black. I used to avoid the black shells, liking the pretty lighter shaded ones but a local told me the black shells meant they’d been “under” for a while. They were old. I associated this with wisdom and decided to like any shell that crossed my path.

I also thought, this gift, which just washed ashore is very much like the spiritual journey. Things do wash up for us on our journey. It’s a choice if you wish to receive.

Also, if your timing is off, you miss it. You might not even realize that you miss it since you’re walking to fast, trying to get further along in life. Often the angels will answer your prayers but not necessarily in your time frame. Or… you can see it, but you need to wait or get wet to get it. Me personally, I love those perfectly aligned moments and gifts.

Today, my gift was simple. Yet it made me feel lucky and blessed. I didn’t see any other whelk shells wash ashore. Ah, it is St Patty’s day. Honestly, I think the other walker needed it more than I and I would have given it to her but our paths didn’t cross again.

So my advice: Live slow. Look for your gifts. I wish you many!  They are there.  Pull in and use all of your senses.  See what other might call, unseen. Thank you for reading.

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