Lost? I don’t think so.


What do you do when you are lost? 

Yes, spiritually lost yet let’s relate this to real life.  Maybe your intended destination won’t pull up on your Garmin or phone.  You can try to find it on your own.  Yet, you might get even more off target.  You can stop and ask for directions but sometimes the directions hold many steps.  You might get a bit further in your journey and realize, you are still not there.  Then there are the times that you think you are lost, yet you are there.  You just needed another to point it out or confirm it for you.

Being lost can be frustrating and scary… unless you have a patient and adventuresome spirit.  Being lost can be a great starting point.


First, do you even know what your next destination, step or goal is?  If your answer is no, now is not the time to get discouraged.  Keep wondering.  Keep discerning.  This step takes patience and time.  Allow it.  Play.  Dream.  Repeat.  You will figure it out.  You are bold and brave enough to figure it out verses falling back asleep.


Then there are the times that you know.  Yet…


There is a reason for how it will unfold and a way.  Proceed with an open heart, mind and eyes. Miracles happen every day.

Maybe lost means, lots… of possibilities.  Maybe there is more than one way to get to the next goal you are aspiring to.  Have you thought outside the box and considered other options?  Often it’s about co-creating with the Universe.  They do wish to support you, but a different method will not only obtain the goal you seek but also assist others in their journey.

In the meantime, find a “landmark”.  Something that feels good, familiar, right.  A place to rest.  A person, place or thing to lean on.  This can even be yourself as you allow time to meditate, take walks in nature or quiet time at home.  Find your internal compass – your heart.  Use it.  Also, ask for help.  Others are willing to help.  Sometimes a person you never would have guessed will be an angel on your journey.

I think of the song, Amazing Grace.  We all want to be found… discovered… utilized… adored.  We all wish to be living our life purpose and the peace and joy that brings.  So… you are not lost.  I think you are found.  You might be a bit confused… perplexed or even perturbed.  This is okay.  It doesn’t have to last long.  You’ve found something in you.  It might be a burning desire.  It might be a realization that something is, off.  Use grace during this period.  Interesting, the word grace is both a noun and a verb.  Online the word is defined in many ways and I like this one: elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.  With ease. This is you.  Hold your head up high and be graceful with yourself.  Now that you have found yourself, everything else will fall into place.  It has to.

Other good reads: http://www.theunlost.com/life-in-general/what-to-do-when-youre-lost-and-confused/



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