I saw this word the other day and it really stood out for me. At first I thought, I love that word. This word meant something to me. Yet… what does it really mean? We grow up being told not to lie and then life happens and we are well conditioned to what is true and false.

On the spiritual journey, aligning with your personal truth is an important first step and then an ongoing process. It is a shift of thinking. A realization that the old rules and thoughts no longer serve you. It’s a questioning of… everything. Independent thinking, free from outside control.  It is very freeing.  All that does matter is what sounds and feels right to you. It no longer needs to be a proven fact. It is a personal belief that settles well with your heart and soul. And once you know your truth (or enough of it), you can’t go back. You function from this place and seek only to align more. The process of seeking can be intense and insatiable because it feels good. Personal truth is powerful yet so humble. It is the opposite of ego. Truth will set you free.


I do believe each person’s truth is different. It can easily be tested online each day. Nowadays there are tons of great articles online but it doesn’t make them true. Many perspectives I think.  Take what serves you.

I do encourage others to speak their truth. For some, this in itself is a huge life lesson. Often a moment of bravery. Yet sometimes no words are needed. Just being your truth is enough. Choose to continue to grow into your truth… your foundation… your soul.  And honoring and respecting another’s personal truth might also be a challenge to the non, newly or even the awakened. It’s both a letting go and a Namaste.

The other thing about truth is… it will always surface.  There are times when the water seems a bit muddy.  Your truth just isn’t clear… yet.  Allow everything to settle.  You will find, see and know it.

But just when I thought I was done writing this short piece, I had another thought. What if there is no truth? What is there is just a way… a knowing… a being ness? An openness yet unity. An acceptance for all there is. There is so much we don’t know so how can we be so bold to say that something is true. Maybe it all is.

So for now, this seemed true to me…


Make it a great day!

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