A Teen Mood Swing

This has been written by a mother who is certain this is how many of our teens feel, at times.  The teens years are challenging for all and an amazing time of transformation.  I encourage parents, family members and friends to relax and assist teens in their journey.  Do not react, stay present and evolve… together.  We are all in this together. Let’s assist our children and teens through the mood swings of life.


I awoke in a mood.  No, I didn’t choose this.  Or at least I don’t think so.  I hadn’t planned to be… in a mood.  I mean, gheez, seriously, who would welcome this?

I am not ready to speak.  I don’t even know what is going on yet.  So please give me some space.  Yet you seem to know.  You push me… before I’m ready.

Let me figure it out.

Let me know that you are there.

Instead you react… you push me…more.  You have to identify what I already know.  I’m in a mood.  You have to put words into my mouth since I can’t speak.  Your words aren’t even close to what is going on in my head.  You are not me.  I never asked you to figure out my own issue.

You push harder since I don’t react.  You want a reaction.  Yet, I know if I react there will be an explosion… a release.  Yet, what I was tending to will get lost in that release, because the explosion is more about your release than mine.  Your issues… your opinion… your fear… your anger.

So, I want to avoid you.  I do not want to feel you… your pressure… your touch as you push the button.  I know I must figure out my mood, my issue, in my own way and in my own time.  I honor myself enough to do this.  Allow me to do this.

So help me.  Give me space.  Lots of space.  You think this is about you but often it is not.  Sorry, but you are just the one who gets the honor of seeing this vulnerable side of me.  Give me silence yet a gentle smile.  In that smile, you will remind me that this is just a moment.  You will also remind me of my inner goodness.  Maybe later, when you see that I’m better, give me a hug.  Just let me know that you are there.  Allow me to be less than perfect in this moment.  Respect me as I am.  And when I am all done and better, and no longer even wish to speak of it… let it go.  Please, let it go.  I will speak of it if I need to.  Just love me.  Allow me to be… me.

Interesting enough… if you read it again, this could also be an adult going through an awakening moment or “teen year” issue/block.  See, we are not so different after all.  Allow this stuff to surface.  Love the stuff.  Love through the stuff.

2 comments on “A Teen Mood Swing

  1. Teenagers would do well to lean yoga and study books like, “The How of Happiness,” http://www.amazon.com/dp/0143114956/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=59965234360&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14352658822643280809&hvpone=11.31&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_32e6rh2by7_b

    It’s understandable that they’d be upset about life. Adults are borrowing money from them (at the government level) in the trillions. We force them into concentration camps called “schools,” and do our best to keep them from learning practical skills there.

    Skills and creative, productive hard work are the things that increase social status and self-worth. Simple knowledge, 95% of which is forgotten after each test, does little to add meaning to young people’s lives, especially in view of the soft sort of “science” we teach them, in which we tell them we now “know” that we are the moral equivalent of animals, the Universe is governed by chance and chaos, not intelligent love, and the act of spreading your DNA is all you’re here to do from the rational perspective of science’s superior knowledge.

    If I believed that kind of scientific fundamentalist superstitious dogma, I’d wake up in a mood every morning before sunrise. I’d look up at the stars and feel like a victim of a cruel hoax: the “illusion of consciousness.”

    Great blog post! Thank you. I think I’ve had too much caffeine. Sorry for the rant. 🙂



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