Breaking Point or… Breakthrough?


Guess what, you choose.

It’s all about the lesson… and change.

So “play” with it.  Yes, change your vibration.

Enjoy it… and learn from it.

Then, move on.  In a new way.

Breaking pointthe moment of greatest strain at which someone or something gives way.

Breakthrougha sudden, dramatic (although it doesn’t have to be), and important discovery or development.

Both nouns yet they feel like a verb.

Feel like saying, I GIVE UP!  Then that is just what you do.

Just say it differently.  Say it slowly.  Say it sincerely, not angrily.

Take your hand and place your problem there.  Then raise your hand and say,

I give this up to you, Universe.  I need help.  I surrender.  I… give… up. 

I give this up to you.  Thank you.

❤ and breathing…

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