Your dream AND your life.


When you hear the word, dream… what do you associate this word with?  A nighttime dream?  Or a personal daytime dream?  A wish… a goal… fantasy… a life purpose… a memory or legacy to leave?

Online I saw the word defined as such:

  • a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep.
  • an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real.
  • something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time.

While I do love the nighttime dreams (they can provided clues and messages), I wanted to write on one’s personal dream.  It can be your primary life purpose or part of it.  And how can you take the idea and make it real?  As I was trying to title this post, my first thought was, Your dream verses.. no, that won’t do.   AND your life.  How do you get, both?  I’m all about the win-win.

In the past month, I’ve had several a-ha moments. One of them was realizing that two very important parts of my life have never, ever been on my to-do or wish list.  Those two things would be:  Writing and Spiritual Awakening.  Yes, both are worth of capital letters.  There is something to be said in this.  This a-ha did cause me to pause.  If these where never thought of… well, then what else?

In my own process of awakening, the Universe had discussions with me on my personal goals (I’d come to find out not so important) and dreams.  What were mine?  Honestly, for a period of time I didn’t know.  I’d accomplished some, yah… yet, now what?

So I started at the beginning.  What were my childhood dreams?  Did I remember then more of my life purpose… before life, happened?  Then in my late teens – also a great time (of remembering) when you feel full of positive energy and hope.  Then in and throughout my adult life.   I had to push my brain to remember.  I realized I had many ideas and dreams I’d let come and quickly go, pretty much forgotten if I hadn’t have paused and searched for these answers.  I could honestly say none of them held me but I do know that many hold on to a dream and bury it.  You can be a bit stuck and not even know it.  Your soul doesn’t forget.  This is why I do recommend going back, reviewing and making sure.

Many of my past dreams didn’t seem like a dream now.  It was easy to let go but also interesting to see how much I’d changed in a lifetime.  Determining what were my current dreams were, was a process of discernment and patience.  Almost testing them out in my mind and body.  How did they feel?  Trust me, your heart will let you know.  Your mind will at times try to discourage you, don’t let it.  Eventually the right answer will surface.  So over the course of this review (moments here and there), I started to make some new dreams and often sent them energy.  This felt good to dream again.

Yet, just the other day I had to pause again.  I had to let go, again.  Why?  Because it was driving me a bit crazy.  I guess I’m pretty good at dreaming after all.  I must have slipped into a “live the life of your dreams” motivational bubble.  I had all sorts of dreams and they were detailed and grand – not grand as in ego/materialism though.  It’s not that reality popped my bubble, I just decided to create a first and foremost dream.  And yes, it was much simpler.  To live.  Period.

Okay, you know me.  I do need to add a few more words. To be… present.  To appreciate.  To laugh and love.  To survive, thrive.  To succeed, not struggle.  To succeed at whatever simple and at times humble way was my life.  This felt like being realistic yet present.  This seemed like joy.  I thought of the core ways I lived and loved my life.  My life was cooking, writing, time in nature, time with family, friends and others.  Helping others when and where I could.  Doing what I could with what I had.  Your mind might tell you that you don’t have enough but you are more than enough.  You have skills and are a blessing to this world.

So this has become one of my latest mantas:


Not having an expectation driving me that seemed (at the moment) unreachable and then brought the backside of emotions like frustration, confusion or let down because it wasn’t happening fast enough. Now please don’t misunderstand, I’m all for dreaming.  I will continue to.  I do encourage you to think high thoughts. I strongly believe in evolving and lining up to your divine plan.

I also believed in, if I need it, the Universe will match my vibration and bring it to me.  There are lessons in each moment of life.

The dreams that are suppose to come true, will.  They are not always your mind’s dreams, they are your heart and soul’s dreams.  There is a difference.  Don’t ignore these.  Allow them to come into being.  New doors will open and be happy for the ones that have closed.

Acknowledge the dreams that have come true.  Give thanks. Then realize the dream you are currently living. Yep.  Or are you are so busy chasing the next dream to appreciate this one?  Can you stop and acknowledging you might be in “the” dream right now?  If you can, then you are blessed.  Truly enjoy!  If your are in the nightmare… it can stop.  It will stop.  It has to.  You just need to… wake up.  You do this every day so I know that you can do it.  Start living your real life because… it is grand!  Make peace with your life now and slowly continue to create and allow your never ending dream to happen.  Blend your dreams into your everyday life.  Some might scoff and say, it’s just not possible now.  It is.  It’s just a change in thinking.


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