I want it. I need it. I believe in it… so… why is it not happening?


I skim read an online article today titled, Why do things take so long to manifest?:  http://in5d.com/why-do-things-take-so-long-to-manifest/  This was a good question!  In the past, I’d often asked myself this. I appreciate the author, Jason, writing on this and… it seemed to get me writing on it as well.

Thought does create matter.

Intention and thinking one’s highest thought is important. Being consistent in this intention can also be a challenge since we, and everything, is always changing.

It is all about vibration… energy. Are you truly a vibrational match to what you are seeking?  Take a moment to feel your vibration and what you are trying to align to.  If you can feel the “gap” don’t get discouraged, make strides and adjustments as needed.

Believing is important. Fear, doubt and confusion will muddy the water.

Yet, it’s also about the lesson. Usually once we’ve learned, we’re released to a new set of dynamics and… lesson(s). So if you think you have learned all that you possibly could have, think again.

Sometimes though, it’s karma or a block.  This is just an invitation to really change the course, particularly if it’s generational karma.

It’s also about, timing.

The greater plan. Much greater than our individual need.  Yes, this can be humbling.

Often, it’s about protection. Be very grateful for this one.

At times there is a dream… a wish… a desire yet we haven’t searched our heart enough. We don’t understand enough to attract… to see… to understand how and when it will come to us. So our timing is off. Our vision is blinded a bit. Our actions and efforts are never fruitless, just not always as we’d hoped.

You are a powerful manifestor. Know this. Look at all that you have attracted to you. People, places, things, lessons, surprises, lol. Law of attraction does work. It will attract what you need in accordance with your plan (that you have probably forgotten about).  The amnesia – ouch!  Meditation will help.

Know that, wanting = wanting, needing = needing.  Being = being.  I’d bet if you were being your soulful, happy self, blessing will come.  Good energy is infectious and attractive.

So let go. Trust.  Play with what you do have. More is coming. You’ll receive it, the next gift, the next piece, when you truly need it. Yes, often this goes against what our mind and ego tells us. Often it comes when you least suspect it. That’s when angels step in and you’ll know that. Be sure to acknowledge and thank them. Appreciate what does come. Knowing thyself though is very important here. On occasion, it’s okay to say, no thanks. That’s when you realize what you had asked for, well now you already know better/more/different.  Trust your gut and inner knowing.  Manifest, again you amazing being!  I feel your power.

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