Don’t Forget Your Crown.


I often try to find a picture that I feel matches my article.  I looked online and loved this picture.  The artwork is by Sundara Fawn and I reached out to her to ask if I could use her picture.  She responded with a, yes and I love how the Universe brings people together.  So please check out her site at:

So I wanted to write a quick reminder.  Often things come up on my own journey yet I know if I share, it might assist another.  I do try to check in on my energy centers (or chakra’s) often. 

I’ve found at times they are a bit sluggish or have a story to tell me… if I check in.  When I do, I usually start at the root chakra and often by the time I get to my heart… something has come up… or honestly I get distracted and lose focus.  I might start over and get all the way to my crown but even this past week I realized I was not giving this energy center enough attention.

So… I’m a big kid at times.  I thought of how I used to wear a crown often as a child.  Yup, it was the Burger King crown.  And now a days you can pick up a tiara at the dollar store if that would help.  Or even better make a homemade one out of anything.  Personalize it!  Put it on and walk around.  See how you feel.  Does it help to remind you?  Draw attention to it and feel your connection.  Keep this energy center open… healthy, spinning.  Send it love and light.  Listen to it.  See if any images spring out from it.  Feel that amazing connection to the sky above… the stars… the infinite.  Allow it to glow!  Allow it to get stronger. Remind the Universe (or is it yourself) that you are willing to receive.  If you find yourself in a challenging moment, just remember your crown.  Remember who you are.  You are wise enough to know what you do.  Don’t shut it down.  Keep it OPEN!

If chakra’s are new to you, there is tons of online information!

This is just my personal routine.  It can be done in a quiet moment, meditation or as you walk.  It can take just a few minutes or longer if you wish.  I check in with:

My Root – issues of “home”/stability and can also be unresolved childhood issues.

Relationships – loves, family, friends, “teachers”.

Career/personal power.  Also, right above this, yet below your heart, is your life purpose chakra.

Heart – at times I feel this is where my soul resides and there are more lessons here than I will learn this lifetime.  Ability to receive and give LOVE.

Throat – speaking (or writing) your truth.

Third eye – seeing (the unseen) or to better understand the big picture.  Can also tie into hearing, smelling and possibly tasting.  Allow these senses to serve you even more.

Crown – your connection to a higher power.  It’s not your mind, how you normally use it.  It’s allowing your mind to be calm… still… open and function differently… very relaxed yet in harmony.

If one of your chakra’s is a bit stuck, dis-ease will often manifest.  So go ahead and do a preventative check-in and check-up.  Stay healthy and wise!

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