Just a reminder form your guardian angel.


I walked up on a family member and was patiently waiting for her to finish so that I could have a turn. I figured she knew I was there since we live in an older house and you can hear as another walks through. She didn’t. Even as I stood there calm, quiet, patient, she didn’t see me. I was just inches from her.  So when she finally turned around, she was surprised. I just smiled. I didn’t mean to startle her but… I then smiled even more and wondered why.

I finally thought, maybe this moment just reminded me of being a guardian angel. This is just how a guardian angel acts. They are in our space. They are often quiet. They try to let us know they are near yet we don’t always hear or see them. They are waiting for a turn. They do wish to help but we often get so busy, determined or fill our minds with other thoughts. So they wait and let us continue on. They will make themselves known and step in when we need a hand.  Also when we are calm, open and have time for a discussion.

Be open to a life with your angel. I’d bet you have more than one. Give them some space in your life to assist you and even better play with you.  Don’t let this be the case…


Top image: http://amiamy111.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Absolute-BEST-angel-wings-327390199

Second image: http://themetapicture.com/my-guardian-angel-is-about-to-give-up/

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