Move… with Spirit

I had a small a-ha last night.  I was glancing back over my posts.  In my own spiritual journey there have been “seasons” of staying.  Extended periods of time of digging deep.  Really deep.  Awakening is not for sissie’s. 

I wish I could tell you it can be done in an hour… a weekend.  Often “it” happens over weeks and months as you live.  Your mind will tell you it’s not happening fast enough.  This is just from your conditioning.  I mean, we live in an instant gratification world.  Allow yourself however much time you need.

I believe spiritual discernment needs to happen along with life.  Yes, there are times when something comes up and it might be best to play the hermit role and you might be lucky enough to have that time and space to do this.  It is a gift.  Do what you need to.  Honor yourself.  Often though, we have others with us on this journey and we need to do our own work amongst them.  Yes, this can get interesting… challenging… and rewarding.

Know that, regardless, it is for your own growth.  It’s for you to return to life as a scholar of sorts.  I don’t believe the Universe wishes for anyone to spend an extended period of time in what I call “lesson hell.”  Awakening can have its dark moments.  Awakening is a lot like the cycles of grieve.  Time is needed to discern, to make acknowledgments and understand. The healing part surprisingly can happen so quickly when it finally makes sense to your mind.

The Universe is just aligning you to the new you.  That awesome you that you are – remember?  The waiting though can feel like, Wait for it… wait for it… Just when you think you are ready often another layer appears.  Gheez, will this ever end?  Probably not but it does get easier.  There is a time though to stop, look up and go to the light… get the heck out of that hole.

If you follow my post, you know that I’m for staying and digging deep.  It can save you from some other experiences.  Yet, as I say this know that no experience is a wrong one.  Just different lessons.  There are times when things don’t make sense and regardless action is needed.  Do the best you can.

The ideal though is moving with spirit.  This would be when you mind, body, soul AND the Universe are all in agreement… alignment.  I’ve seen some people literally do this daily.  Life seems effortless and joyful.  It just seems to all line up for them.  It can for you, too.

So I give two examples.  I think of this childhood toy or other ones like this.  You try out a few potential matches.  Only you can decided what the finished product will look like.  Don’t be afraid to try and have pride in whatever your creation (you) look like.  You might need to add a few accents that aren’t provided in the given templates.  And be sure to decorate that white space on the paper as well.  At some point it will all line up.  Mind, soul, body and Universe.


I’m also a white girl with soul.  I think of song by Ludacris, Stand Up.  “When I move you move, just like that…” Just listen to the first 30 seconds:

Move with spirit, when everything makes sense.  When you don’t, from a multidimensional perspective it appears that your body is doing one thing, your soul another… etc.  Get grounded to the best of your ability, pull the needed pieces together and move forward in your own personal way.  The Ludacris swag is optional but I do encourage you to try it.  It made me laugh and reminded me that life is supposed to be fun.  It’s time.  STAND UP!… and move forward.

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