You… are… perfect.


Yes.  This is true.

I used to strive for perfection. Then, there was a period where I wanted nothing to do with perfection.  Nothing.  I strived for being real and unique.  Now, I’m back to actually loving this word, perfect.  You are perfect… you know this.  I looked up the definition and synonyms for you. Continue reading

A Spiritual Reset


I was going back through my pictures and remembered the day I found this on one of my beach walks.  I’ve found just about everything over the years but this was a first.  I could see the symbolism.  There have been times I’ve felt cut off from the, “source”.  The power cord had somehow been yanked and I was out there floating in the ocean of life.  I’ve referred to these times as, spiritual lulls.  I do know the reasons and benefits but until you understand this, they can cause a mild panic.  While our Guides might change or get quiet at times, we are never cut off from our source – our inner knowing.  On the day that I found this, it was my reminder that I needed to connect and re-set. Continue reading

Getting what you desire


I do love Esther Hicks who channels the energy, Abraham. She greatly assisted me in my journey over a decade ago. To be honest, I haven’t listened to her in a while yet I know she often talks about vibration and the law of attraction. I’ve struggled at times with this… law, lol, yet at the same time, I so believe in it. Continue reading

Your Soul’s Dream


A month ago, I wrote a blog on blending your personal dream with the reality of your life.   I now had a new thought.  That’s what I love about this journey – it’s never-ending and you are constantly evolving (if you choose this).  As I was falling asleep last night,  I asked, Show me my soul’s dream.  Not my minds.  I was ready to go into the dream world and see my dream.  To see and better understand why my soul choose to be born.  I chuckled since this felt like a moment of the movie, Inception. Continue reading

What’s next?

Isn’t that a question you might often ask or hear?  We are so forward thinking and trying our best to cross things off our list.

So here’s a suggestion. Try… enjoying your life!

This moment, just as it is. Relax a bit maybe?

So simple, too simple yet true…? Do something simple and simply enjoy it.

Try it… you might just like it.

Are you having fun yet?


Trusting Your Higher-Self


Surfing the Universe by artist, Elena Khomoutova @

Okay. I’m pausing already and I haven’t even started to write. This is not like me but I need to take a breath… and make sure I get my words write… oh, right.

I’ve learned so much from channeling.  It is a gift… a skill… and I learn as I go. Continue reading